Drop Spring and Autumn by KrisK: familiar yet new sensations

Drop Spring and Autumn by KrisK: familiar yet new sensations

A new drop the Spring and Autumn NFT is expected at OpenSea, this time everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the world-famous multidisciplinary artist KrisK as part of the Audio Galleries project by Benjamin White.

What is the Spring and Autumn NFT Collection?

Spring and Autumn is an NFT collection of two editions of an open edition, that is, it is not limited in circulation. One image is a portrait-personification of spring, the second is a portrait-personification of autumn. The illustrations are a vision of the current seasons: in the northern hemisphere – spring, in the southern hemisphere – autumn. The author KrisK thus captured the feeling of change, which is both familiar, but at the same time new every time.

Spring and Autumn nft
The personification of the seasons in the form of feminine portraits

The Spring and Autumn NFT Collection is part of the Audio Galleries series. And this is already the 11th series dedicated to the artist and her work.

KrisK works with oils, acrylics, photography and digital illustration. Earlier in 2021, she launched the main NFT collection Bull Market Girlfriends.

When and where will the Spring and Autumn NFT collection drop?

Drop Spring and Autumn passes on OpenSea in 2 stages:

  1. Mint of Spring NFT will start on April 22 at 12:30 AM GMT +7 and end on April 25 at 12:30 AM GMT +7. Price 0.015 ETH.
  2. Autumn NFT will be sent free of charge to everyone who has Spring NFT.
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