Who is SeerLight? NFT artist who draws detailed vivid anime

Who is SeerLight? NFT artist who draws detailed vivid anime

Ronald Kuang aka SeerLight is a talented artist who literally blew up the NFT space. His collections are made in the anime style of the Miyazaki era with elements of innovation. At the moment, he is one of the most popular digital artists, who has already earned more than $20 million. NFT investors keep an eye on his new work as they see it as a great investment for the future.


Who is SeerLight?

SeerLight is a digital illustrator and animator based in Los Angeles. The artist began posting his work on social media back in 2015 when he was 19 years old. And since then, he has gained a lot of fans, mainly due to his special style of drawing. Now SeerLight is 26 years old, but despite his youth, he is a very popular artist in the NTF world.

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The creative path of SeerLight to NFT

Ronald Kuang was born in mainland China, from where he moved to the United States with his mother in 1996 when he was three years old. The future artist has been drawing since childhood. When he was still in high school, he was fascinated by popular digital artists on the Internet who drew fantastic landscapes and used beautiful color palettes.

After leaving school, SeerLight decided to forever connect himself with the world of art and entered the University of California, where he received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. After graduating from university, he began to successfully build his career in social networks, publishing his work and developing a community around him. For the first time, SeerLight learned about the blockchain in 2018, but appeared there a little later.

He also adapted his work for the video for the YouTube channel, for example, like this:


SeerLight in the NFT world

The first work “M1-K0” was exhibited by SeerLight in March 2021 and immediately, thereby, loudly declared himself, his talent and memorable style of work. Collectors and investors, literally from the very first works, began to look closely at him.

I see NFT going mainstream in the next few years. Not only for art, but for many other everyday purposes! As a result, the CryptoArt space will continue to thrive. The artist is extremely optimistic about the future of the NFT market, seeing great prospects in it

SeerLight is also one of the co-founders of the creative web3 studio Capsule House, which includes other well-known participants in the crypto art market, namely Kaejunni and Oksami. The studio launched the already sensational project of the same name as a collection of 10,000 tokens. These are popular capsule toys in Japan, though in digital format. And their plans are to create an entire capsule multiverse.

To date, SeerLight boasts over 1,500 issued non-fungible tokens, which have earned the artist over $20 million.

SeerLight NFT Magazine
Temple in the Mountains on the cover of The NFT Magazine, which you can now buy for 0.4 ETH

In 2022, thanks to the choice of readers, the artist’s work “Temple in the Mountains” was featured on the cover of The NFT Magazine, a monthly online magazine that can be read and collected on the Ethereum blockchain from 2021.


Features of NFTs by SeerLight

For the most part, when creating his works of art, he draws on Japanese anime. SeerLight often exhibits breathtaking cityscapes. Each of his works includes a color palette of dark and bright shades. These dark colors combined with extraordinary sunsets create an image that seems warm and inviting to the viewer.

My works are the culmination of all the influences and previously seen masterpieces of art.This is how the artist himself characterizes his work.

His artistic abilities allow the viewer to immerse himself in a different realm. The world of SeerLight is breathtaking, and some of his works have the ability to excite and open the mind. In his digital drawings, he focuses on what he decides to give movement, while other visual elements in the artwork remain static. It is with the help of this technique that the work looks simply, but at the same time is filled with purposeful movement. Each illustration is worked out to the smallest detail, which makes the animation more realistic.


The most famous NFTs by SeerLight

SeerLight lists his NFTs primarily on a few marketplaces, and his buyers include well-known NFT investors and collectors such as Vincent Van Dough, Artifaction, Starrynight, 6529.


The very first, and one of the most exciting animated works of the artist. In this piece of art, a woman’s face can be seen opening up to reveal her true robotic self. M1-K0 was sold as a result of an auction on the Foundation marketplace on March 04, 2021 for 16.5 ETH ($27k at the time of sale). By the way, the famous collector Vincent VanDough owns it.

SeerLight NFT M1-K0

Sleeping Quarters NFT

Most of the artist’s paintings combine a sketch with characteristic colors. And in Sleeping Quarters we see all the same bright blues, purples, turquoises with lots of details. The author showed the bath attendants’ bedroom in this way, among which only one girl cannot fall asleep in any way. And to date, “Sleeping Quarters” is the most expensive of all sold in Seerlight’s portfolio. On January 12, 2022, the work was sold on the SuperRare marketplace for a record 150 ETH ($504k at the time of sale).

SeerLight NFT Sleeping Quarters
Sleeping Quarters NFT

Town Square NFT

A picture that shows the ordinary life of ordinary people in the most standard city. True, there were 3 heroes on the roof of one of the shops, one of which decided to buy some kind of potion in the machine. “Town Square” was sold on January 29, 2022 on the SuperRare marketplace for 120 ETH (296k at the time of sale).

Town Square NFT
Town Square NFT

High-Rise NFT

A rainy night in a bustling metropolis looks exactly like it does in a digital painting by SeerLight. At such moments, you can watch the lights of the night city mixed with its noise and the sounds of rain. “High-Rise” was sold on January 22, 2022 on the SuperRare marketplace for 104.5 ETH (283k at the time of sale).

SeerLight NFT High-Rise
High-Rise NFT


Where can you buy NFTs by SeerLight?

Now NFTs are available only on the secondary market, namely on such marketplaces as SuperRare, Foundation, MakersPlace and Nifty Gateway. In addition, you can follow future updates on Seerlight’s official website and Twitter.


Opinion of NFTMetria

Seerlight has a very distinctive art style, and the design and filling with the smallest details is simply mesmerizing! All of his art is not only beautiful, but also incredibly high quality, filled with a crazy love for detail, and also distinguished by complexity and creativity. The SeerLight’s technique makes the creation of art unique, and each new work only hone his skills.

Not surprisingly, such works by a well-known artist are now expensive and appreciated by NFT investors, among whom there are many anime connoisseurs around the world.


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