Who is Mad Dog Jones? NFT artist translating urbanism through vibrant anime

Who is Mad Dog Jones? NFT artist translating urbanism through vibrant anime

Today, in the digital art market, we see many artists whose work is somewhat similar to each other, the style and presentation are not something exclusive. Among them, only dozens have been successful. And among them is Mad Dog Jones, who has become one of the leading authors of NFT paintings since 2020. He broadcasts his philosophy through a unique animated urban vibrant style with notes of Japanese anime, while incorporating unique technical features through a smart contract into his art.


Who is Mad Dog Jones?

Mad Dog Jones, aka Michah Dowbak is an artist born in 1985 and currently based in Thunder Bay, Canada. He doesn’t have a long history as an offline autor. At 38 years old, he realizes himself through online platforms and has a strong army of fans.

Mad Dog Jones nft art
Michah Dowbak’s Digital Creativity Highly Appreciated by Leading Experts at Philips Auction House

His tokens is unlike anything that has come before, as Michah Dowbak makes real paintings filled with the interweaving of nature and technology.

As a lover of the wildlife that has always been present where he grew up, he brings a fresh theme to an urban aesthetic adorned with neon colors. He has already taken a step towards opening up a new trend for artists who want to develop in digital art.


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The Creative Path of Mad Dog Jones: From Stained Glass to NFTs

Mad Dog Jones grew up surrounded by forest in Thunder Bay. This is a town in Canada, located in the western part of the province of Ontario. The landscapes of the homeland left a mark on the artist’s heart, so in his work he often turns to nature. Mad Dog Jones was brought up by his father. And their family business was the manufacture and sale of stained glass, often for churches. The artist’s view of the rays through the prism of different colors also brought its own shade to his art, what focuses heavily on light and vibrant colors.

Mad Dog Jones nft art AFTERL-IFE WORLD 2019
The artist presents his work at the AFTERL-IFE WORLD 2019 exhibition in Tokyo

Mad Dog Jones realized himself through Instagram, creating his first army of fans there. But there was also the experience of a real, offline demonstration of their creativity. His first and only exhibition in real life was the AFTERL-IFE WORLD exhibition in Tokyo in September-November 2019. At the time, his fans were familiar with his work in the form of Instagram posts featuring illustrated urban scenes. They depicted a combination of Tokyo and surreal alternate vibrant worlds. Then Mad Dog Jones took the first and only step from his online world into the very city that he depicted in his art Mad Dog Jones has been able to achieve a lot in the NFT community thanks to the combination of urbanism and neon colors in its corporate identity., interacting with space, objects and light of the real world for the first time.

And at this moment he enters the world of the non-fungible tokens to popularize his style and himself as an artist.


Mad Dog Jones in the NFT world

Mad Dog Jones artworks have been repeatedly sold at auction, depending on the material and size of the artworks, prices vary from $7,508 to $4,144,000. The cost of the painting with six zeros has been fixed since 2021, and this is the most famous creation of the author – REPLICATOR. It was sold in New York at Phillips 2021. Michah Dowbak has appeared in The National, ArtDaily and ArtLyst articles. And the last time was mentioned in the Art Blocks Announce NFT and Pace Verso articles written for Ocula in the summer of 2022.

Mad Dog Jones nfts A Bag of Oranges REPLICATOR
NFT artist sold at famous auctions

Paintings, created by hand or through photographs and illustrations, have shaken the aesthetic culture of the center. Mad Dog Jones has worked with such famous names and brands as Chromeo, Diesel, Conor McGregor, Run the Jewels, Maroon 5, Jabbawockeez, Deadmau5.


Features of Mad Dog Jones NFT Works

Mad Dog Jones’ work features dystopian imagery, a cyberpunk setting, and a combination of nature and technology. His passion for wildlife has brought a whole new theme to the metropolitan aesthetic, where the neon tones of technology act as a natural human space adorned with citrus fruits.

The interesting thing is that no one really knows the future of NFTs. Instead of trying to come up with an answer, I’d rather reflect on the past and see where it takes the viewer.The artist meditates

Michah Dowbak drew inspiration for his style from Japanese animation and cyberpunk. The artist depicts dark sci-fi landscapes in the atmosphere of megacities. The spirit of cyberpunk corresponds to the first interpretation of the Metaverse, which was presented in the novel Snow Crash by Neil Stevenson. The dynamic format of Mad Dog’s art highlights his sincerity in approaching the possibilities of the digital world. He talked about the fact that the traditional method of entering the market no longer works, and that this is outright stupidity. The Internet is exactly the tool that opens the way to a new life.


The most famous NFT-works of Mad Dog Jones

Mad Dog Jones started its journey by collaborating with the marketplace Nifty Gateway. It was there that the first collection was sold, and further millions of resales were made. In total, there are 8 collections in his portfolio, the sales of which exceeded $19 million. In addition, his art has been successfully sold at Christie’s and Phillips auctions.

Ideas r the currency NFT collection

The first collection of Ideas r the currency was exhibited on the Nifty Gateway platform on November 22, 2020.

It consisted of 4 works:

  • two of which “Ideas r the currency” and “Thought as a system” were in the amount of 50 copies (listing price – $ 1),
  • two works “Galactic Garbage Day” and “Eternal Flood” – in a single copy at the initial price of $3000 and $3500 respectively.
Mad Dog Jones nft Ideas r the currency
Works from the collection Ideas r the currency

Subsequently, with the growth in popularity, the cost of tokens increased greatly. That cartoon animated urban style in neon colors later became the artist’s trademark.

About the collection in numbers:

  • Primary sales of 102 jobs generated only $6,600,
  • Secondary sales exceeded $2 million,
  • With a listing price of $1, the average price of “Ideas r the currency” is now $12K,
  • Only a few items from the entire collection are on sale, with a minimum price of $15K.

Crash + Burn NFT Collection

By the time the Crash + Burn NFT collection was released on February 19, 2021, Mad Dog Jones had already gained quite a lot of popularity.

The collection was released in the form of three parts, and each of them has its own role:

  1. Crash + Burn

The collection is designed to support primary fans of the artist’s art. It included 7 unique creations of the artist. To get the tokens, it was necessary to acquire five paintings from his starting one-dollar collection. After Michah Dowbak received 5 of his original works from fans, he burned them, that is, destroyed them to create a shortage and raise prices in the secondary market. Thus, he made a gift to his first admirers, and, therefore, these works are in the collections of connoisseurs and are not yet for sale.

Mad Dog Jones nft Crash + Burn
Works from the Crash + Burn collection for true fans
  1. Crash+Burn Open Edition

The collection consists of 2 works that were maximally accessible to the new public:

  • “Déjà Vu” in the amount of 329 pieces, the original price of which was $5,000 apiece. And now secondary sales have already exceeded $ 2.3 million.
  • “Why would I care I’m just a cat?” in the amount of 911 pieces, the primary price of which was $ 2,500. To date, secondary sales have exceeded $4.8 million.
Mad Dog Jones nft Crash + Burn Open Edition
Works from the Crash + Burn Open Edition collection to expand the audience
  1. Crash + Burn Auction

The collection comes in the form of a single Boardwalk auction piece that sold on February 19, 2021 for $388K.

Mad Dog Jones nft Crash + Burn Auction
The only Boardwalk entry in the Crash + Burn Auction series



One of Mad Dog Jones’ most famous work is the NFT REPLICATOR, which sold at Phillips for a then-record $4.14 million on April 23, 2021. The focus of the image is an outdated photocopier housed in a Los Angeles high street office. The idea of ​​this creation is to show the once advanced technologies that made the whole world wonder, but now they are becoming obsolete and forgotten.

I am absolutely amazed at the response from REPLICATOR around the world. It is humiliating to see my work resonate with people of all backgrounds who have expressed their admiration for the concept, technology and imagery. Mad Dog Jones himself is surprised

But the technical component is more interesting: the work is a smart contract, the illustration of which will be self-reproducing for seven generations. Each successive generation will create one less piece of art until the seventh generation, which will not produce new NFTs. The purchaser of the piece will own all subsequent replicas or jams from the first generation. When the owner sells the token from the first generation, any Replicants and Jams from that job will also go to the new buyer.

Mad Dog Jones nft REPLICATOR
NFT REPLICATOR, thanks to which the artist became very popular

This image is the beginning of the story of Michah Dowbak, in which the author decided to tell his vision of reality through a new, innovative technological environment of non-fungible tokens. And this story was actively supported by the public.


Where can you buy Mad Dog Jones NFTs?

The Mad Dog Jones’s works can be found on such NFT marketplaces as OpenSea, Nifty Gateway. In addition, his work can sometimes be found at famous auctions.


Opinion of NFTMetria

If you’re looking to invest in an NFT artist with a big name, unique style, and current direction, then Mad Dog Jones’ work is the way to go. Taking stylistic features from Japanese animation, the artist successfully uses them in an urban environment that illuminates a number of characters with neon accents.

Behind him are only 8 collections, each of which has a maximum of 7 paintings. So, he maintains demand at the expense of extremely limited supply. And his personal community of 310K subscribers only on Instagram confirms his demand as an artist.


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