Who is Pokras Lampas? NFT artist known worldwide for calligraphy

Who is Pokras Lampas? NFT artist known worldwide for calligraphy

A few years ago, no one could have thought that a simple calligrapher from Russia could become famous all over the world thanks to his style and bold antics. Yes, contemporary art has long gone beyond the canvas and the classic “still life”. Contemporary art makes it possible to realize their most daring ideas in the most unusual form, which Pokras Lampas took advantage of in his time.

The young guy has long gone beyond the profession of “artist”, his nickname “Pokras Lampas” has become a brand, a trend, has become something more. He has already written his name in the lines of art history, and to date he has worked with FENDI, COMME des GARÇONS, Dries Van Noten, Lamborghini, Esquire, NIKE, Adidas, Reebok, WWF, M.A.C. and many others.

Now the creator is actively exploring the world of digital art, creating unique NFT projects and paintings. Let’s look at him, his style and creativity in more detail.


Who is Pokras Lampas?

Pokras Lampas or Arseny Sergeevich Pyzhenkov is a native of Kaliningrad (Moscow region, Russia). Born September 19, 1991. He positions himself as a calligrapher of Russian origin.

Pokras Lampas NFT art
NFT Artist’s Opinion on Blockchain-Based Art

He began his career as a classical calligrapher and artist, created various commercial projects and promoted himself in social networks. He was in the world of art (and not only street art) long before NFTs were born.

But when the NFT market began to gain popularity, Arseniy himself did not stand aside from modern trends. The Pokras Lampas’s most expensive project so far is the non-fungible token of a duck called Luck & Wisdom, which was sold for $55,000.


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The creative path of Pokras Lampas: from the streets to the NFT

The creative path of Pokras Lampas began in 2005, when he first picked up a can of paint and started painting on walls and fences. What inspired him? Graffiti and street art, which was at the stages of its inception in the Russian Federation.

The next important event was the meeting with the artist Andrei Ante. It was he who told Arseniy about the secrets of graphic art in a modern format (at that time).

So, how did his creative path develop:

  • The first known work of the author was made in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. The author spread a carpet of over a thousand tags in Tiffany color. In addition, the artist “sewn” into it the ultraviolet phrase “All your walls are belong to us”, invisible under normal lighting. The work was carried out within the framework of the STENOGRAFFIA project.
Wall painting as part of the STENOGRAFFIA project
  • He got into the Guinness Book of Records with his painting of the roof of the Russian factory “Red October” as the largest calligraphy in the world.
Pokras Lampas NFT the largest calligraphy in the world
This is what the largest calligraphy in the world at that time looks like from a height
  • Receives an offer from the fashion house FENDI to take part in the roof painting project of the Palace of Italian Civilization in Rome;
  • Participated in a collaboration with Lamborghini. 3 days painted their car in honor of the exhibition in Dubai, turning the car for several million dollars into a real object of art.
Pokras Lampas NFT Lamborghini
Lamborghini painting was strictly classified and was a surprise to the public
  • Arseny receives an order/offer from the world-famous Russian Tretyakov Gallery. The author creates the installation “18 words about Vasily Vereshchagin”.
  • The author creates a Suprematist cross in Yekaterinburg. A scandal erupted with utilities, which began to paint over it.
Pokras Lampas NFT suprematist cross
From a bird’s eye view, the artist’s work looks magically attractive
  • Pokras Lampas collaborates with the MAC cosmetics brand, creating a series of unique product packaging for them.
Pokras Lampas NFT MAC
MAC packaging from Pokras Lampas turned out to be bright in the corporate style
  • For the first time he sells in the form of NFT a projection of his work at the Chirkeyskaya hydroelectric power station (the largest hydroelectric power station in the North Caucasus, Russia) for 16 ETH (29K dollars at that time). Read more about this project in our review.


Pokras Lampas in the NFT world

Pokras Lampas entered the NFT world in 2021 with a bright drop, namely the projection of his work at the Chirkey hydroelectric power plant. The work was sold on Foundation for 16 ETH ($29K at the time of sale).

In the same 2021, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange invited him to create a project among the first hundred authors on the Binance NFT new trading platform. After the presentation, 10 works of the author were sold at auction.

Pokras Lampas was one of the first artists to move from traditional art to digital. And he is one of those who stands at the origins of the development of the whole industry. We are proud that Pokras’ work will be featured on the Binance NFT marketplace. It is a great honor for us to represent one of the most prominent figures in contemporary art in the NFT space. The director of Binance in Eastern Europe Gleb Kostarev said

After that, various tokens were created and sold, which strengthened the recognition of the author now in the crypto community.

The artist did not stop there and in May 2022 became the art director of XDAO, a DAO multi-chain builder for the joint management of crypto assets and DeFi projects. He became part of a highly qualified team whose members are winners of the BSC hackathon, HECO hackathon, and also received a grant from Polygon in the summer of 2021.


NFT corporate identity by Pokras Lampas

Pokras Lampas is a calligrapher. Bright and unusual, famous and defiant. He became famous for his projects in many countries of the world.

Pokras Lampas NFTs
In the NFT of the Pokras Lampas, his unique well-known style is also traced

Arseniy founded a movement that became known as “calligraphuturism”. The author works with a unique alphabet that combines the features and properties of street art, typography, design bases, calligraphy of different cultures, scripts and even generations. Thus, combining ancient traditions with modern art, he raises the problems of the past, present and future.


The most famous NFT works by Pokras Lampas

The artist has created more than 30 non-fungible tokens, but among them there are landmarks in his career that made him famous in the community and formed his personal community.

Manifesto of Calligraphuturism NFT collection

Pokras Lampas, as the ideologist of the movement, created the “Manifesto of Calligraphuturism” from 10 points of his own manifesto. Each symbolizes one or another postulate of the new art. In the Manifesto, Lampas breaks down the boundaries of perception step by step.

Pokras Lampas NFT Calligrafuturism Manifesto
Calligrafuturism Manifesto included 3 perceptions of reality (video, sound, text)

The path of the new art lies in the destruction of old paradigms, traditions and rules, on the ruins of which we will create new ones. The author explains.

The project was created in 2021 specifically to celebrate the launch of the Binance NFT trading platform. Each painting by Pokras put up for auction consists of three parts:

  1. Video (based on fragments of paintings),
  2. Audio (represents the voice of the artist reading the manifesto points),
  3. Text (ten points of the manifesto of calligraphuturism).

The auction resulted in total sales of 342 BNB ($153K at the time).

Transition NFT

Transition is the most famous NFT work of the author. And he did it loudly, beautifully and philosophically. The token is a digitized version of his real work at the Chirkey hydroelectric power station (the largest hydroelectric power station in the North Caucasus, Russia).

Pokras Lampas NFT Transition
NFT Transition

The project is dedicated to the balance between nature and human activities, hydropower and Data Mining technologies, creation and consumption.

The work, the original of which is painted on canvas, is digitized and adjusted for projection, then projected onto a physical object, digitized again and eventually sold as a virtual token for ETH, the production of which uses the same electricity. I think everything fits perfectly! Posted by the artist on his Instagram.

In March 2021, Pokras Lampas sold a work on the Foundation marketplace for 16 ETH ($29K at the time).

Luck & Wisdom NFT

An artist created a unique duck for the Waves Ducks blockchain game and sold it for almost $55K. This unique token allows you to get in-game $EGG tokens at maximum speed, but, in addition, it is a worthy representation of calligraphic art in the new digital age.

Pokras Lampas NFT LUCK & WISDOM
NFT Luck & Wisdom

I am glad that my work “LUCK & WISDOM” for the Waves Ducks metaverse was not only my record sale in the field of NFT art, but was also warmly received by the game community and will become an actual representation of calligraphic art in the world of digital and GameFi projects. Marked by Pokras Lampas.


Where to buy NFT works by Pokras Lampas?

NFTs from Pokras Lampas are rarely seen for sale, but they do exist. And here are the marketplaces you can find them on:


Opinion of NFTMetria

Pokras Lampas was a calligraphy pioneer in the art market. Thanks to his bold and daring antics, performances and vision, he became popular and famous. He has already gone not just to the world level, but has become a cult artist, whose name is already a brand.

The author keeps up with the times and actively comprehends the NFT market, and very versatile – from stylish digital images to P2E games and a complex system for building a DAO. Pokras Lampas having his own philosophy and style, successfully translates it into Web3, and quite successfully.


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