Yuga Labs Partners with Improbable for Otherside Metaverse Upgrade

Yuga Labs Partners with Improbable for Otherside Metaverse Upgrade

In a recent Town Hall meeting, Yuga Labs made a groundbreaking announcement regarding Otherside, their highly anticipated metaverse project. Yuga Labs has forged a partnership with Improbable, a leading technology company specializing in virtual world infrastructure, to migrate Otherside onto Improbable’s MSquared network @MSquared_io. This collaboration is generating significant excitement within the community due to its potential to enhance the Otherside experience.

Otherside: A Gateway to the Metaverse

Otherside, created by Yuga Labs, is a shared virtual space where players can own land, engage in collaborative experiences, and participate in a dynamic narrative. Known as “Voyagers,” the Otherside community has eagerly awaited the metaverse’s launch. With the migration to MSquared, the possibilities for Otherside have expanded exponentially.

Introducing Improbable’s MSquared

MSquared, developed by Improbable, is a suite of powerful tools designed to facilitate the creation of expansive and interconnected metaverses. Utilizing technology like Morpheus, MSquared enables the handling of massive simulations with thousands of players operating in shared spaces. With Otherside’s migration to MSquared, players and developers alike can expect a seamless, high-performance virtual environment.

With Otherside’s migration to MSquared, several potential benefits await the community. The robust infrastructure provided by Improbable ensures that the metaverse can handle a large number of players without experiencing lag or technical issues. Additionally, MSquared offers the potential for Otherside to connect with other metaverses, creating a vast and interconnected virtual world.

Upcoming Events and Tools for Voyagers

The migration to MSquared is just the beginning for Otherside. Yuga Labs has announced a major multiplayer event scheduled for July, offering players a glimpse of what Otherside has to offer. Furthermore, a World Builder ODK (Open Development Kit) will be released, empowering Voyagers to create their own unique experiences within the metaverse.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of the Metaverse

The partnership between Yuga Labs and Improbable marks a significant milestone for Otherside and its community. By migrating to MSquared, Otherside is poised to offer scalability, interoperability, and new tools for Voyagers to explore and create within the virtual world. As the metaverse continues to evolve, the collaboration between Yuga Labs and Improbable sets a new standard for immersive digital experiences.

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