Moonbirds NFT Sales Surge Amid Copyright Controversy: Yuga Labs’ Expansion Unveiled

Moonbirds NFT Sales Surge Amid Copyright Controversy: Yuga Labs’ Expansion Unveiled

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Under the leadership of Yuga Labs, the ‘Moonbirds Universe’ is experiencing unprecedented growth, marked by a remarkable surge in NFT sales. Despite this success, the project has become embroiled in controversy following a shift away from the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) copyright policy.

Initially launched by PROOF Collective in 2022, Moonbirds made waves by embracing the CC0 code, placing its digital artworks in the public domain. This move allowed for unrestricted commercialization without the need for owner consent, drawing praise from the community.

However, Yuga Labs’ decision to deviate from this open licensing model for future additions has stirred debate within the NFT community. While existing Moonbirds artwork remains under the CC0 license, concerns have been raised about the implications for artists and collectors as the project moves towards IP-restricted content.

In response to the controversy, Moonbirds’ 24-hour trading volume has surged by over 227%, reaching approximately $673,200 (218.21 ETH). This surge comes on the heels of the project’s recent unveiling of its captivating 3D world, highlighting the demand for exclusive digital assets despite dissenting voices within the community.

Discussions on platforms like X have intensified, with members expressing frustration over the change in CC0 stance. However, there has been clarification regarding the legality of reversing CC0 rights. According to creators like Pixlit and Leonidas, while the original Moonbirds art remains under the CC0 license, the introduction of new art suggests a shift towards IP-restricted content.

Renowned artist and director Colin Hesterly is leading the creative overhaul of the Moonbirds Universe, leveraging his expertise to enhance the visual and functional aspects of the project’s iconic pixelated owl characters.

Beyond the digital realm, Moonbirds is expanding its horizons into the physical world through collectibles and community events. An upcoming event aligned with Apefest 2024 in Lisbon aims to foster engagement and unity among Moonbirds enthusiasts.

Backed by Yuga Labs, Moonbirds is poised to redefine the boundaries of NFT innovation and artistic expression, both in the virtual and physical spheres, despite the controversies surrounding its copyright policies.

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