TON Foundation Launches $600K Airdrop for NFT Traders and Holders

TON Foundation Launches $600K Airdrop for NFT Traders and Holders

The TON Foundation, dedicated to advancing the Ton blockchain, has initiated a substantial airdrop targeting active NFT traders and holders. The foundation aims to distribute 105,600 TON tokens, valued at approximately $600,000, to eligible participants across prominent Ton NFT marketplaces. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting development.

Understanding the TON Foundation

The TON Foundation serves as a non-profit organization committed to fostering the development and adoption of the Ton blockchain. This blockchain platform offers scalability and speed for decentralized applications (dApps). With a focus on managing the native TON token, the foundation supports various projects and individuals contributing to the Ton blockchain ecosystem.

Key Airdrop Information

The recently announced airdrop by the TON Foundation entails the distribution of 105,600 TON tokens among active NFT traders and holders on leading marketplaces like Getgems, xRare, and Ton NFT Diamonds. A snapshot was taken on April 23 at 8:00 AM CEST to determine eligible participants. Only trading activity conducted between April 11 (2 PM CEST) and April 23 (8 AM CEST) qualified for consideration.

Excluded from the airdrop are Sybil wallet addresses, non-wallet addresses, and owners of NFT collections who did not engage in trading activities on the specified platforms. This measure ensures that only genuine participants actively contributing to the NFT ecosystem receive rewards.

Earning Points and Redeeming TON Tokens

Participants earned points based on various factors, including the number of NFT collections traded and the total volume of NFT transactions. For instance, trading between 2 to 4 collections garnered users 1 point, with additional points awarded for further trading activity. The exact conversion rate from points to TON tokens will be communicated by the TON Foundation in the near future.

Seizing the Opportunity If you’re an active NFT trader or holder on platforms like Getgems, xRare, or Ton NFT Diamonds, this airdrop presents an excellent opportunity to earn TON tokens. Ensure that your trading activities between April 11 and April 23 align with the eligibility criteria to qualify for rewards. Stay informed about updates from the TON Foundation and the Ton blockchain through their official social media channels. Happy trading!

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