VR46 Metaverse, Animoca Brands, and Gravitaslabs forge Web3 partnership for motorsport enthusiasts

VR46 Metaverse, Animoca Brands, and Gravitaslabs forge Web3 partnership for motorsport enthusiasts

On September 26, VR46 Metaverse @vr46metaverse, co-founded by nine-time MotoGP™ @MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi @ValeYellow46, has announced an exciting collaboration with Animoca Brands @animocabrands and Gravitaslabs @gravitas_labs. Together, they aim to pioneer innovative gaming and Web3 activations across metaverse platforms. This partnership includes the launch of a thrilling motorsport venture named “ValeVerse” on The Sandbox, offering digital collectibles and immersive experiences tailored for motorsports enthusiasts.

By collaborating with VR46 Metaverse, Animoca Brands, and Gravitaslabs, Valentino Rossi’s legacy in motorsport will be brought to life in the metaverse, connecting fans globally and offering them extraordinary experiences.

ValeVerse: Where Gaming Meets Motorsport

In ValeVerse, players will embark on quests to test their skills and abilities, earning valuable rewards. Owners of the ValeVerse Pass will gain exclusive access to benefits like signed merchandise, race tickets, and a special meet-and-greet opportunity with Valentino Rossi. The official ValeVerse collection on The Sandbox will feature digital items, from iconic bikes to avatars, providing users with a platform to express their passion and create personalized gaming experiences.

Revolutionizing motorsports through metaverses

This initiative represents the first step in a long-term vision shared by VR46 Metaverse, Animoca Brands, and Gravitaslabs. Together, they plan to revolutionize the automotive and motorsports sectors by creating digital assets and metaverse games. The ultimate goal is to expand these innovative offerings to other Web3 and metaverse platforms, including a unique collaboration with renowned artist Mad Dog Jones and the introduction of the Roblox gaming experience “Moto Island.”

This partnership will expand the range of experiences that VR46 Metaverse offers the motorsport community, enhancing the connection with fans worldwide. Valentino Rossi stated with obvious enthusiasm

This groundbreaking partnership signifies a promising future for motorsport enthusiasts, where digital innovation and immersive experiences merge to redefine fandom.

About VR46 Metaverse

VR46 Metaverse is dedicated to developing the VR46 brand within the gaming industry and the Web3 environment. Established in 2022, this company is a collaboration between the nine-time motorcycle world champion Valentino Rossi and The Hundred Media Holding.

About Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands, a Web3 leader, leverages blockchain to establish digital property rights for consumers worldwide, contributing to the development of the open metaverse. The company develops and publishes a diverse portfolio of products, including original games like The Sandbox, PHANTOM GALAXIES™, Life Beyond, and Crazy Defense Heroes. Animoca Brands is known for its products based on popular intellectual properties from the worlds of sports and entertainment, such as The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, and Formula E.

About Gravitaslabs

Gravitaslabs partners with businesses to define and implement Web3 strategies, pioneering new lines of business through the Web3 paradigm. Gravitaslabs serves companies in the automotive, sports, and fashion sectors, offering solutions such as creating custom virtual worlds and establishing brands within metaverse platforms like The Sandbox.

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