NFTBank Launches NFTBank V2 to Revolutionize NFT Portfolio Management

NFTBank Launches NFTBank V2 to Revolutionize NFT Portfolio Management

NFTBank, a leading NFT management platform, has unveiled NFTBank V2, the latest iteration of its platform aimed at enhancing NFT portfolio management and facilitating web3 game treasury management. This new version introduces several innovative features designed to provide users with an unparalleled experience in tracking and managing their NFT investments.

NFTBank V2: Advanced NFT Portfolio Management

With the launch of NFTBank V2, users can now enjoy enhanced precision in tracking and managing their NFT investments. The platform has been fine-tuned to detect various NFT acquisition mechanisms, including minting, bulk purchasing, and transactions on secondary markets across major NFT marketplaces. This level of accuracy ensures that users have a clear understanding of their investment performance.

NFTBank V2: Consolidated View of NFT Assets

One of the standout features of NFTBank V2 is its ability to connect up to 3,000 wallets, providing users with a consolidated view of their assets spread across different wallets. This feature is particularly useful for NFT-related tax filing, as it offers users a comprehensive overview of their NFT holdings and transactions.

NFTBank V2: Customizable Portfolio Management

In addition to consolidating NFT assets, NFTBank V2 allows users to organize their wallets into groups based on investment strategies or wallet types. This level of customization enables users to track the performance of their NFT investments more effectively and efficiently.

NFTBank V2: Support for Web3 Gaming

NFTBank V2 is strategically aligned with the web3 gaming ecosystem, with support for two blockchains—Ethereum and Ronin. This reflects NFTBank’s commitment to serving the needs of web3 gamers and investors. As web3 games and guilds experience a resurgence, NFTBank V2 is poised to become an indispensable tool for managing NFT treasuries.

We are thrilled to unveil NFTBank V2, a testament to our commitment to providing an unparalleled NFT portfolio management experience. Our platform is designed to empower NFT traders and investors, especially those in the web3 gaming space, to manage their assets more effectively and profitably. Daniel Minsu Kim, CEO of NFTBank, expressed his excitement about the launch of NFTBank V2

Industry Recognition

Backed by prominent investors such as Hashed, DCG, Sequoia Capital, Bitkraft, Sfermion, 1kx, and Dapper Labs, NFTBank continues to solidify its position as a leading provider of NFT-focused portfolio management software. With its innovative features and commitment to user experience, NFTBank is at the forefront of driving innovation in the evolving non-fungible token market.

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