Popular NFT Marketplace OpenSea Update! What’s new?

Popular NFT Marketplace OpenSea Update! What’s new?

OpenSea is a leading NFT platform that continuously improves the NFT industry by introducing new technologies and improving the user experience of the NFT marketplace. Opensea Introduces new promotional and publicity opportunities for artists and studios, making their interactions with NFT collectors more convenient and safer. The new interface design update is aimed at highlighting high-quality projects and their individualization. The update provides users, NFT hobbyists and NFT collectors with more options and the comfort of a one-stop-shop.


OpenSea Update the Homepage

The OpenSea home page is the most visited page in the NFT marketplace. Hundreds of thousands of users visit the OpenSea home page every day and it is on it that they concentrate their attention in search of new interesting NFT projects. New users start their exploration of the world of NFTs and the OpenSea marketplace from the homepage, which is why it is so important that the homepage caters to all user interests and is visually beautiful and intuitive for the user.
The main goals of updating the main page:

  • Highlighting high-quality popular content that reflects the dynamics and trends of the market
  • Display of statistics and data needed to make a decision to buy NFT
  • Create an intuitive entry point into the NFT industry for new users
  • Expand the understanding of the NFT industry to a wide range of people and make their interactions in the NFT world more enjoyable, safer and more memorable

When implementing new improvements, the OpenSea team relies on user experience analytics and behavioral research. All updates are being rolled out gradually to maintain a high level of comfort for users who are accustomed to the old interface.


Update Homepage OpenSea: Top carousel

Update Homepage OpenSea: Top carousel
Update Homepage OpenSea: Top carousel (for one release)

The home page now displays an updated top carousel. It takes up more space and attention from the user. The carousel on the main page can be in several formats, in the slider format to show the most popular quality projects and collections, or to highlight one major event for the NFT industry.


Update Homepage OpenSea: Trending and top tabs

Update Homepage OpenSea Trending
Update Homepage OpenSea Trending Tabs


Update Homepage OpenSea Top
Homepage OpenSea Top Tabs

The Top tab shows NFT projects with the largest volumes for the selected time period. The Trends tab displays the most interesting projects based on more detailed indicators of ecosystem activity.
The redesign of the Top and Trending¬† tabs increased the visibility of the collections and provided more data to be displayed (data on the minimum price, volume). From these sections, users can go directly to the improved “Stats page” section for each project for a deeper study. The “List of observations” tab is also available for users.

Update Homepage OpenSea: Main sections

Update OpenSea - Section New and notable
Update OpenSea – Section New and notable
Update OpenSea - Section Sports Spotlight
OpenSea – Section Sports Spotlight

There is a great diversity in the NFT industry. From collections to digital art, from in-game items to music. For systematization and a deeper visual presentation, relevant sections have been added to the updated Homepage OpenSea, such as:

  • New and notable – In the section NFT projects worth a look! NFT projects that bring new things to the industry!
  • Sports spotlight – NFT projects related to sports and e-sports
  • Browse by category
Update OpenSea - Section NFT Category
OpenSea – Section NFT Category

The Browse by category section includes all categories of NFT projects presented at OpenSea:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Trading Cards
  • Collectibles
  • Photography
  • Utility
  • Domain Names
  • Virtyal Worlds
  • Sports

OpenSea Updates NFT drops

OpenSea NFT marketplace has introduced an updated interface for NFT Mint pages. A completely new, advanced approach to the minting process will make the user experience more comfortable and safer. Now NFT collection creators can create special NFT drop pages inside the marketplace. Collectors got the opportunity to participate in mint without leaving the NFT interface of the OpenSea marketplace and without going to third-party sites, remaining safe.
Individual drop pages contain all the necessary information about the NFT project, such as the creation schedule, countdown hours, gallery, answers to questions, a description of the minting process, information about the founders of the project. This mechanism is supported by a new smart contract called SeaDrop, which will allow the creators of NFT projects that implement NFT issuance to use a ready-made, secure, tested solution. The OpenSea team has facilitated the launch process and this will save a lot of time devoted to the development of the minta smart contract and focus on creativity and promoting the ideas of the NFT project. Now, thanks to the update of the OpenSea drop screens, the release process is now safer and more exciting!


OpenSea Drop Page Main
OpenSea Drop Page Main


OpenSea Drop Page Team
OpenSea Drop Page Team


OpenSea Drop Page FAQ
OpenSea Drop Page FAQ

Why did the NFT marketplace OpenSea Update the DROPs page?

The creation, full launch and promotion of a new NFT project is a complex technical task that requires certain qualifications and logistical support from the creators. The new functionality will allow the creators of NFT projects to focus on the most important tasks. The most important task for each NFT project is to build and develop the user community and create the internal value of the project. With the new update, the creators of NFT projects will be able to use ready-made solutions provided by the NFT marketplace OpenSea and focus on promoting and advertising their NFT collection. This will definitely affect the effectiveness of promotion and lead to the emergence of projects of a radically higher quality level.

What benefits appeared after the update of the OpenSea drops page?

OpenSea implements the most advanced practices and remains the flagship of the NFT industry. By using OpenSea for MINT of your collection, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Dedicated page for creators of NFT collections

Creators of NFT collections can now set up a mint page within the OpenSea NFT marketplace, and get a dedicated collection page. There is a high probability that if your project turns out to be of high quality and users like it, you will be placed on the main page.
Creators of NFT collections are no longer required to find technical specialists and pass security audits. Drops pages on OpenSea will have access to the SeaDrop smart contract, which ensures the functioning and execution of even the most complex MINT logic put into it by the creators.


You can use whitelisted minting process access. Information about the participants is stored decentralized and can always be checked for validity and the presence of various kinds of manipulations. Whitelisting from OpenSea is designed to make the process of initial approval of participants absolutely transparent and understandable for participants in the NFT industry.

Safe environment

OpenSea guarantees a safe environment for NFT marketplace users and conducts security and anti-fraud audits. NFT collectors can be calm and less anxious when checking out an NFT project. A secure environment is the foundation of a good user experience. After the launch of mint, users get the opportunity to mint NFT in one click without leaving the drop page. The Drop page is linked to the SeaDrop smart contract, allowing direct interaction with the minting contract of the collector’s NFT wallet.


OpenSea Undertakes Network Expansion

The Web3 space will support many different secure networks. Multi-chain space will allow you to connect various chains and ensure free interaction. In the future, NFT will move freely between blockchains. Ensuring technical implementation is an important mission that the OpenSea team is gradually realizing. The work to increase the number of networks used in the NFT industry is very important for the subsequent globalization of the NFT market and mass adoption. Today, OpenSea supports the main blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Klaytn and plans to expand support for other networks.

OpenSea has integrated Arbitrium

OpenSea Arbitrum
OpenSea Arbitrum

NFT marketplace deployed Ethereum Arbitrium transaction scaling solutions on September 21st. This will reduce gas costs and make transactions faster. OpenSea will be the first to add well-known collections such as Smolverse, GMX Blueberry Club, Diamond Pipes. These collections are expected to be in high demand. And the new integration will allow testing the technical aspects and provide an additional influx of liquidity to these collections


OpenSea introduces expanded language support: Internationalization

Globalization is also observed in the NFT industry. The OpenSea marketplace is used by a large number of users from around the world. The team decided to expand the language localization to include the following languages: Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, and German. Language support will facilitate better feedback and deeper interaction among industry participants. Language support will improve distribution and make  OpenSea NFT marketplace truly global. And it will significantly increase the user base.



The OpenSea team is doing a great job that benefits the entire NFT industry. The introduction of new advanced mechanics and functionality allows the OpenSea team to remain the best NFT marketplace. OpenSea’s contribution to the NFT industry contributes to globalization, the expansion of the NFT space and the full penetration of ideas. OpenSI is the most advanced NFT ecosystem to date.

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