OpenSea Launches ‘Get Based’ Series to Spotlight Emerging Artists on Base Network

OpenSea Launches ‘Get Based’ Series to Spotlight Emerging Artists on Base Network

OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace, has announced the launch of its new initiative, the “Get Based” series. This innovative program aims to highlight the work of emerging artists on Coinbase’s Base network, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution.

The “Get Based” series by OpenSea: Weekly NFT Drops to Promote Digital Art

The “Get Based” series will feature weekly NFT drops throughout the summer, showcasing the talents of up to 15 artists. These drops will include open edition NFTs priced at $5 or less, with some available for free. The first release features a reimagined artwork of the iconic “Endless Summer” film by Carty Sewill, an artist and OpenSea employee.

The “Get Based” series by OpenSea: Focus on Accessibility and Community Engagement

Each week, new digital artworks will be available on OpenSea’s website and Farcaster, a social media protocol. The participating artists include notable names such as:

  • Jhekub, the creator of RGB Punks;
  • Hun, the creator of “Primitives”;
  • meme artist Cryptic Poet;
  • Yiying Lu, known for the Twitter “Fail Whale”; illustrator Subwway;
  • and Thank You Base God, who recently conducted a successful free Base NFT mint on OpenSea.

The “Get Based” series aims to make digital art more accessible by offering low-cost or free NFTs, thereby encouraging a broader audience to explore and collect digital art. This initiative aligns with the larger goal of promoting artists and expanding the Base network’s presence in the NFT ecosystem.

Integrating with Base and On-Chain Summer II

OpenSea’s focus on the Base network is part of a broader strategy to support emerging blockchain solutions. Base, unlike more established layer-1 chains like Ethereum mainnet or Solana, is still developing its high-value collections. By featuring these artists, OpenSea aims to familiarize collectors with the Base network and its potential.

Starting on June 3, the “Get Based” series will coincide with Base’s “On-Chain Summer II” promotion, which offers over 600 ETH (approximately $2.3 million) in prizes, incentives, and gas credits across various projects and protocols. This event is designed to drive further engagement within the Base network.

Simplifying NFT Purchases on OpenSea Marketplace

To facilitate participation, OpenSea has integrated MoonPay, allowing users to bridge assets to Base and purchase NFTs using fiat currency and credit cards. This integration makes it easier for collectors, especially those new to crypto, to engage with the “Get Based” series without needing extensive technical knowledge.

Supporting Artists and Expanding the NFT Ecosystem

Devin Finzer, Co-founder and CEO of OpenSea, expressed excitement about the new series, stating that Base has proven to be a catalyst for new utility and creativity.

We’ve been supportive of Base since its inception, and we’re excited to highlight up-and-coming artists with unique artistic styles and grow their presence within the larger NFT community. Finzer said

The “Get Based” series is more than just an art drop; it’s a strategic move to support the growth of the Base network and the broader Web3 and NFT ecosystems. By offering accessible entry points for collectors and promoting talented artists, OpenSea aims to foster a thriving digital art community on the Base network.


OpenSea’s “Get Based” series represents a significant step in promoting digital art and blockchain technology. By highlighting emerging artists and making NFTs more accessible, OpenSea is not only supporting the Base network but also contributing to the overall development of the NFT space. This series is set to create new opportunities for artists and collectors alike, driving growth and innovation in the digital art world.

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