Animoca Brands and Amber release the first official Formula E NFT game

Animoca Brands and Amber release the first official Formula E NFT game

In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the world of virtual motorsports, Formula E: High Voltage, the inaugural official Formula E video game, is gearing up for its grand launch on October 19, 2023. Developed by Animoca Brands and Amber, this racing management NFT game takes the excitement of Formula E to the digital realm, embracing the innovative Flow blockchain to offer fans a unique gaming experience. By integrating NFTs into the game, players gain digital ownership of in-game items, enhancing their engagement and interaction with the Formula E universe.

Details about Formula E: High Voltage game

Formula E: High Voltage, available at, offers players a chance to dive into the thrilling world of Formula E. Upon joining, new players will receive four NFTs, including two cars and two drivers, allowing them to start their racing journey without any initial costs. The game faithfully reproduces the iconic city center tracks of Rome, Berlin, New York, and London, enabling players to strategize and manage their races under varying weather conditions and even day or night settings.

Each car and driver in Formula E: High Voltage is a unique NFT with different rarity levels (common, rare, epic, legendary), accompanied by distinct skills drawn from a pool of over 100 abilities. The game’s core mechanics revolve around collecting, training, upgrading, and managing drivers and cars, crucial for building a formidable racing empire within the game.

Notably, the game features the current GEN3 race car, renowned as the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and efficient electric race car globally. Players can choose from an extensive selection of both fantasy and official cars and drivers, including the 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Champion, Jake Dennis, and his Andretti Porsche 99X Electric GEN3.

Formula E: High Voltage is part of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, a suite of blockchain games that includes MotoGP™ Ignition, MotoGP™ Guru, REVV Racing, and Torque Drift 2. What sets Formula E: High Voltage apart is its integration with the Flow blockchain, a sustainability-focused and energy-efficient blockchain. This integration ensures an environmentally sustainable gaming experience, aligning with Formula E’s commitment to being net zero carbon certified since its inception.

To enhance player engagement, Formula E: High Voltage is releasing Solo NFT Crates (8500 pieces priced at $20-30 each) and Team NFT Crates (9000 pieces priced at $119-$149 each) for sale starting from October 17, 2023. These crates, available at, contain official or fantasy car and driver NFTs of varying rarities. Players can purchase these crates using the REVV token, necessitating a Blocto wallet connected to the Flow blockchain.

Kieran Holmes-Darby, Formula E’s gaming director, expressed excitement about this collaboration, emphasizing the dynamic engagement it promises. Will Griffiths, vice president of commercial strategy at Animoca Brands, echoed this sentiment, underlining the advantages of true digital ownership facilitated by NFTs and blockchain technology.

This innovative venture not only opens new avenues for Formula E fans but also exemplifies Formula E’s commitment to sustainable and technologically advanced entertainment. As motorsport enthusiasts eagerly await the game’s launch, Formula E: High Voltage stands as a testament to the convergence of cutting-edge technology and electrifying racing experiences. Stay tuned for the future of Formula E gaming, where players truly own their legacy.

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