Sega Explores New Frontiers in Blockchain Games and NFTs

Sega Explores New Frontiers in Blockchain Games and NFTs

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Shuji Utsumi, the Executive Vice President of Sega, shared his optimism about the future of blockchain gaming and the role of NFTs in the video game industry. He originally gave an interview on the Dengeki Online portal, and it was recently re-translated on the Medium platform. His positive outlook became particularly prominent, especially after his previous statement about finding play-to-earn games “boring.”

Utsumi expressed his confidence that blockchain games could change players’ understanding of asset ownership and even earning within the gaming world.

Within blockchain games, owning assets and, in some cases, earning money, could become player wants that haven’t existed before. Noticed by Shuji Utsumi

Sega has licensed its card game Sangokushi Taisen to Double Jump.Tokyo for the development of a new trading card game (TCG) named Battle of Three Kingdoms, featuring NFT cards inspired by the original 2005 game.

Despite certain challenges associated with crypto games, including resolving issues related to crypto wallets, Utsumi expressed an interest in how NFTs can authentically convey the feeling of owning a card.

It is difficult for users to create wallets, so we must get people to play the game first.

Sega views blockchain games as part of its strategy to embrace new technologies and explore innovative business models.

This ambitious project is aimed at the Asian market and will include more than 100 unique cards. The game will be continuously supported with updates after its initial release, offering players a constant stream of new content and the opportunity to collect unique NFT cards.

These moves by Sega underline their eagerness to explore new possibilities and demonstrate their readiness to adapt to changes in the video game industry and blockchain technologies. It also signifies that major gaming companies recognize the potential of blockchain games and are willing to invest in their development.

Stay tuned for our updates to learn more about the developments in this exciting area of the gaming industry and the future it might offer.

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