Cool Cats’ Expansion in Japan and Anime Markets Gets a Boost Through Partnerships with Animoca Brands

Cool Cats’ Expansion in Japan and Anime Markets Gets a Boost Through Partnerships with Animoca Brands

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Animoca Brands Japan, in collaboration with San FranTokyo by KLKTN, and Cool Cats Group LLC (“Cool Cats”), have announced a deepened partnership to propel Cool Cats’ presence in the Japanese and anime markets. This strategic move involves Animoca Brands Japan acquiring equity shares in Cool Cats Group LLC, and San FranTokyo purchasing NFTs from all three of Cool Cats’ collections from the secondary market.

This partnership is more than just a business venture. It’s about cultural exchange, understanding, and delving into what makes Japan’s digital and artistic realm globally appealing. Animoca Brands Japan, along with San FranTokyo, is thrilled to create more avenues for the Cool Cats IP to flourish. Said Daisuke Iwase, CEO of Animoca Brands Japan

This collaboration showcases the global recognition and potential of Cool Cats, with several strategic initiatives set to unfold:

  • Cool Cats Manga: The trio will collaborate to produce a Cool Cats manga one-shot (yomikiri) that merges Cool Cats’ universe with Japan’s rich manga tradition. This manga will be written and illustrated by a Japanese manga artist.
  • Collection Acquisition: San FranTokyo has bolstered its treasury by acquiring several Cool Cats, Shadow Wolves, and SideKX NFTs. These additions provide essential material to honor the original source IP while building new stories around Cool Cats’ main characters like Blue, Chugs, Ardi, and Jo.
  • Brand Expansion: Animoca Brands Japan and San FranTokyo will focus on expanding Cool Cats IP through various channels in Japan. They will facilitate new relationships for Cool Cats with prominent organizations in the Japanese entertainment and IP sectors. Initiatives will range from traditional merchandising and licensing opportunities to collaborations with officially licensed IPs and the creation of Vtuber content featuring Cool Cats IP.
  • Integration with San FranTokyo: Exciting prospects are on the horizon, including weaving the Cool Cats IP narrative into the city of San FranTokyo. Plans include interactive efigurine drops, aligning marketing efforts with iconic Japanese IPs, and more.

We are thrilled about this new collaborative partnership that will develop strategic ways for Cool Cats to engage with and inspire new audiences in Japan and beyond. Community is at the core of everything Cool Cats represents, and we aim to be inclusive and welcoming to new fans worldwide. Said Cool Cats founder Clon

Our partnership with Cool Cats and Animoca Brands Japan is more than strategic — it’s visionary. We’re merging worlds, styles, ideas, industries, and technology to bring forth new levels of collaboration crucial in Web3. Our commitment to both Japanese and Web3 IP is unyielding, and together with Animoca Brands Japan, we’re paving a path to continually propel Web3 forward. Said David Taing (DT), co-founder of San FranTokyo and co-chief operating officer of KLKTN

This partnership signifies a fusion of cultures, ideas, and visions, captivating both global and local audiences.

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