Azuki launches IRL Garden Tour in the Asia-Pacific region and digital Passports for event participants

Azuki launches IRL Garden Tour in the Asia-Pacific region and digital Passports for event participants

In a resounding declaration of their commitment to fostering genuine, face-to-face connections, Azuki, the brainchild of Chiru Labs and one of the most popular NFT collections on the market, proudly introduces the Garden Tour – an initiative that bridges the digital realm to the real world. Azuki, renowned for its vibrant online communities, believes in the magic that happens when enthusiasts meet in person, transcending virtual boundaries to form tangible, lasting relationships.

Azuki’s Garden Tour: A Global IRL Event for the World

The Garden Tour stands as a testament to Azuki’s belief in the power of in-person interactions. This groundbreaking initiative, set to kick off with five community-led events across the Asia-Pacific region, is a celebration of the tangible bonds formed through shared passions. These events receive funding for essential elements and logistical support, ensuring each event offers a unique and enriching experience. Beginning its journey in Hong Kong on Nov 2nd, the Garden Tour will weave its way through Taipei, Melbourne, Shanghai, and Tokyo, leaving a trail of real-world connections in its wake.

Garden Tour’s Passport: A Collector’s Pride

Attendees, both physically present and virtually connected, will earn collectible stamps for digital passport, serving as cherished mementos of their participation in these memorable events.

Passport integrates the nostalgia of old passports adorned with stamps into the digital realm. Each stamp represents a tangible connection made through Open Edition purchases. The program’s initial focus is on locations where crypto events are scarce or where Azuki hasn’t witnessed gatherings recently. The intention is to expand this initiative globally, creating a mechanism to fund events across the world.

In the Garden Tour Passport, each stamp is not merely an inked impression; it’s a story of real-world encounters, shared laughter, and unforgettable moments. These stamps symbolize the vibrant spirit of the Azuki NFT community, bringing together individuals who, despite their diverse backgrounds, find common ground in their love for beans and camaraderie.

The Garden Tour is a new era for Azuki

For those unable to attend physically, purchasing an event NFT from the local organizers serves as both a collectible stamp in the Collector’s Profile and direct support for the community organizations orchestrating these events. Azuki’s team is actively involved, providing comprehensive support to community organizers regarding event planning and logistics.

The Garden Tour signifies the start of a new era for Azuki, establishing a foundation for fostering local event activation. Passport, in conjunction with the Garden Tour, embodies Azuki’s commitment to creating a vibrant, interconnected global community. Join Azuki in Hong Kong, Taipei, Melbourne, Shanghai, or Tokyo, and be a part of this revolutionary celebration of community and culture.

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