Animoca Brands Celebrates Sold-Out Season 2 of TinyTap Publisher NFTs

Animoca Brands Celebrates Sold-Out Season 2 of TinyTap Publisher NFTs

Animoca Brands proudly announces the sell-out of Season 2 of Publisher NFTs, a groundbreaking initiative developed by TinyTap, its subsidiary, and facilitated through the Open Campus Web3 education protocol. The sale, involving 720 Publisher NFTs, has generated 538,560 EDU tokens, equivalent to approximately $333,907 at the time of sale, providing immediate and continuous revenue for the 168 educators collaborating on the TinyTap platform.

TinyTap Publisher NFTs Revolutionizing Education

TinyTap introduces Publisher NFTs as an innovative educational concept, focusing on empowering, rewarding, and incentivizing educational content creators and publishers. The NFTs embody co-publishing rights for specific educational content on the TinyTap platform, which already generates revenue before being linked to an NFT.

Utilizing TinyTap’s user-friendly Web2 platform, educators can create and share interactive educational content, earning a revenue share when learners engage with their content.

TinyTap Publisher NFTs: Digital Property Rights and Autonomy

Publisher NFTs grant creators digital property rights, providing newfound autonomy and earning opportunities. Creators receive 50% of the net proceeds from the initial NFT sale, a 10% ongoing share of revenue generated by co-published content, and a 5% royalty from the secondary NFT sale, managed by Open Campus on behalf of Season 2 creators.

NFT holders become co-publishers, receiving up to 80% of the revenue share when promoting and marketing linked content. This collaborative model allows creators to focus on content creation, with TinyTap and NFT holders handling distribution and promotion.

Moreover, Publisher NFT holders have the flexibility to market and sell their assets independently to customers outside the TinyTap platform.

TinyTap Publisher NFTs: Leadership Perspectives on Educational Transformation

Yat Siu, Co-founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands, sees the Season 2 Publisher NFTs sale as a pivotal moment in educational content becoming a new asset class, emphasizing the immense potential of digital property rights to unlock new earning opportunities for educators.

Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap, expresses that this milestone isn’t just about better earning opportunities for educators; it’s about building a future where communities play a pivotal role in shaping curricula, empowering teachers, and paving a path toward true educational autonomy.

For More Information

For those interested in learning more about Publisher NFTs, their role in assisting educators, and how to get started easily and quickly, visit the Open Campus website.

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