Matr1x Secures $10M Boost for NFT Mobile Shooter

Matr1x Secures $10M Boost for NFT Mobile Shooter

Matr1x, the innovative NFT gaming studio, has announced a significant financial milestone with a recent injection of $10 million in funding for its mobile gaming endeavors. This funding comes as part of the latest A-2 round led by Folius Ventures, a prominent name in the crypto investment landscape.

Matr1x is no stranger to success, having previously secured $10 million in 2022, and the current funding round brings the total venture capital funding for the studio to an impressive $20 million. SevenX, another key player in the crypto venture capital scene, joined Folius Ventures as a co-lead investor. The round also saw participation from notable names such as ABCDE Capital, Jambo, Initiate Capital, and Find Satoshi Lab, the creators of Stepn and the upcoming Gas Hero game.

Matr1x’s Mobile NFT Gaming Vision

Matr1x, known for its flagship product Matr1x Fire, a first-person shooter mobile game, aims to utilize the newly acquired funds to accelerate the development of its innovative NFT mobile shooter. The game allows players to choose from a diverse roster of playable characters and engage in thrilling five-person team battles to eliminate opponents.

Despite comparisons to popular titles like Riot Games’ Valorant and NetEase’s Hyper Front, Matr1x clarified the uniqueness of its offering. Unlike games allowing heroes with special powers, Matr1x Fire adopts a CS:GO style where skillful gun handling and precise shooting are the keys to victory.

Matr1x Beyond Gaming: NFT Collections and More

Matr1x has ventured into the NFT space with the release of two collections and plans to unveil a third. This third collection, designed as a membership pass, offers governance access and revenue sharing within Matr1x’s creator economy. Additionally, purchasers of these NFTs will receive an upgradeable battle pet, adding a unique dimension to the NFT gaming experience.

The gaming studio’s strategic approach has caught the attention of crypto investors, especially at a time when Web3 funding has seen a decline. The backing from Folius Ventures, in particular, emphasizes Matr1x’s potential to navigate uncharted territories in the gaming and NFT industry. As Jason Kam, founder of Folius Ventures, notes, Matr1x strikes an “elegant balance” that positions it for sustainable success.

Matr1x aims to continue shaping the future of mobile gaming and NFTs, promising an exciting journey for both gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike. The studio envisions not just a game but an immersive ecosystem that goes beyond traditional gaming experiences.

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