Drop SHARI 2 -PFP-: The second series of NFT project by mera takeru

Drop SHARI 2 -PFP-: The second series of NFT project by mera takeru

Crypto art in Japan is gaining momentum. On May 31, you have the opportunity to become part of the community of the famous digital artist mera takeru, who has previously successfully published his work on OpenSea, SuperRare, Foundation, KnownOrigin, MakersPlace, and also has his own digital gallery on oncyber. And tomorrow, in the form of the SHARI 2 -PFP- collection, which is the second in a series of NFT projects, the artist celebrates the 4th anniversary of his digital career.

It is noteworthy that his first SHARI series was sold out in just one second, and the total sales exceeded 280 ETH.

What is SHARI 2-PFP-NFT Collection?

SHARI 2 -PFP- is an NFT collection of 2222 different paintings where the main subject is a skull. At the same time, there are 52 different Kanjis and 44 diverse art combinations in the collection, and the theme of this NFT project is:

  • PFP,
  • Japan,
  • Collaboration.

It is noteworthy that for the project, mera takeru collaborated with 5 leading Japanese artists in various styles:

  1. EM! works in the style of psychedelic pop fantasy, and her works use painting, photography, collage.
  2. omi creates art from his own street photographs and illustrations of fictitious objects.
  3. gehn is a concept designer for video games and films.
  4. GORO is an unknown drunk contemporary artist.
  5. mae is a digital artist whose style is pixel art.

SHARI 2 -PFP – Utilities

By purchasing NFT from this collection, you get the following utilities:

  • At the beginning of June 2023, depending on the number of tokens purchased, each owner will receive a special role in an exclusive Discord channel,
  • In early June 2023, you will have a chance to win works by famous Japanese artists through airdrops and sweepstakes.
  • At the end of August 2023 there will be a mysterious next drop.

SHARI 2 -PFP- Official Links

When and where will SHARI 2 -PFP- NFT drop be?

NFT drop SHARI 2 -PFP- takes place on OpenSea in 3 stages:

  • Holders mint (free AL): May 31 at 03:00 PM GMT+7. Price: 0 ETH.
  • Pre-sale (AL): May 31 at 07:00 PM GMT+7. Price: 0.0222 ETH.
  • Public sale: May 31 at 09:00 PM GMT+7. Price: 0.0444 ETH.
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