Drop Joker Smoker by DirtyRobot: Unraveling Enigma with Artistry, Supported by AudioGalleries

Drop Joker Smoker by DirtyRobot: Unraveling Enigma with Artistry, Supported by AudioGalleries

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic universe crafted by Daniel Isles, better known as DirtyRobot (Renga Creator), where each stroke of the brush tells a tale of mystery and chaos. With a unique blend of storytelling, futurism, and nostalgia, DirtyRobot’s creations transcend traditional boundaries, captivating art enthusiasts worldwide.

Joker Smoker NFT Collection: What You Need to Know

Step into a realm where unpredictability meets allure. “The Joker Smoker” pays tribute to the iconic Joker, a character whose enigmatic charm has fascinated generations. This NFT collection delves into the essence of this legendary figure, exploring the depths of deception and intrigue.

This exclusive NFT drop, hosted on OpenSea, is part of Audio Galleries‘ unique ‘Artist Edition’ mint series. Holders of the Audio Galleries Mint Pass NFTs will receive additional artwork through airdrops, making this event a must-attend for art enthusiasts and collectors.

Discover the allure of Joker Smoker by DirtyRobot, a mesmerizing collaboration supported by AudioGalleries, and embark on a journey where art and intrigue collide.

Joker Smoker by DirtyRobot Official Links

When and where will Joker Smoker by DirtyRobot NFT drop be?

Event Timeline:

  • November 6, 13:00 GMT: Snapshot of Audio Galleries Mint Passes
  • November 9, 14:30 GMT: Premint for TAOS Autumn and Audio Galleries Mintpass Holders (Price 0.045 ETH per piece)
  • November 9, 18:00 GMT: X Spaces with DirtyRobot
  • November 9, 18:30 GMT: Public Mint (Limited to 444 pieces, 0.05 ETH per piece)
  • November 14: Snapshot for Airdrop for Audio Galleries Mintpass Holders (Airdrop of Black and White Joker Smoker)
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