DigiDaigaku: Heavenly NFT characters in a vast ecosystem

DigiDaigaku: Heavenly NFT characters in a vast ecosystem

How often do you see NFT collections with free minting and the floor price above 4.5 ETH during the year? We will tell you about such a project. DigiDaigaku is one of the brightest projects of 2022. It combines 6 main collections, as well as 7 derivative craft collections. This ecosystem was created by the famous game developer Gabriel Leydon, who has more than 1.2 million Twitter followers.

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What is DigiDaigaku?

DigiDaigaku Genesis is a collection of 2,022 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC-721 token standard, which are categorized as PFPs.

The project represents the anime-style characters that have been quite popular in the NFT market lately. But the tokens are also avatars in the DigiDaigaku games CastaWays and EtherOrcs.

In addition to the Genesis one, there are 5 more collections, 7 crafting collections, 4 quests and 2 games in the project.

The quests are for crafting main collections using crafting collections. The user sometimes has a choice: to craft the NFT of the main using the NFT of the two collections, or to burn one token in exchange for the other.

According to the legend of the project, the characters of DigiDaigaku live in a mysterious world, the details of which will be revealed in the course of the project development. You can create the characters of the main project with the help of craft ones designed for this purpose. In addition, there are collections of adventure access keys, which are also part of a huge ecosystem and are necessary to access the games.

DigiDaigaku in numbers

  • DigiDaigaku of 2,022 NFTs was released on August 9, 2022 through a free mint to users who won whitelist spots. After that, the floor price reached 10 ETH.
  • The project ecosystem includes 6 main collections, 7 craft ones, 4 quests, 2 games.
  • For the entire period of the project’s existence, the floor price of Genesis did not fall below 4.5 ETH.
  • Total secondary sales exceeded 25.8k ETH (over $46M at the current exchange rate).
  • Floor price is 5.17 ETH (about $9.2k).
  • Average sales range from 6 ETH to 15 ETH.
  • The most expensive #1632 (Ifrit) was sold on October 19, 2022 for 200 ETH (about $257k at the time of sale)
  • A total of 798 unique holders (39%).
  • Only about 1% (23 pieces out of 2,022) are for sale, among them the offers range from 5.17 ETH to 100 ETH. This shows that almost all holders see the project as a great investment prospect and are not in a hurry to part with their assets at a lower price.

Data (including exchange rates) are given at the time of publication (April 3, 2023)

DigiDaigaku types and attributes

Each NFT of DigiDaigaku has both a number and a name. In addition, all NFTs contain various attributes, of which there are 638 in total, and they are divided into 13 categories. Among them you can find the following:

  • Accessory (22),
  • Background (10),
  • Expression (19),
  • Mythic (5),
  • Name (500),
  • Outfit (11),
  • Prop (11).
DigiDaigaku nft attributes
DigiDaigaku attributes

Who created DigiDaigaku?

The creator of the project is Gabriel Leydon @gabrielleydon. He is a pioneer of free mobile games, an expert in the global virtual economy, and an experienced game developer.

Gabriel Leydon is known to the general public for the following achievements:

  • Creator of the Limit Break project.
  • Creator of the White List Free NFT raffle platform @FreeNFT.
  • Former CEO of Machine Zone.
  • Popular influencer on Twitter, where he has over 1.2 million followers.
DigiDaigaku nft founder
Gabriel Leydon

Why is DigiDaigaku popular?

The DigiDaigaku project is really popular. And here’s why:

  • First and foremost, the project gained such popularity thanks to its creator. Gabriel is a very famous person in the Web 3.0 and gaming technology space.
  • It’s suggested that the developer spent about $200 million to create the project, which caused a great stir around the collection.
  • The project has been considered a grand one in the NFT market since its launch, as the floor price has never dropped below 4.5 ETH, which is an achievement in the NFT market.
  • Interest in DigiDaigaku has been fueled by additional editions, some of which have been given away to the first owners completely free of charge. The introduction of Web 3.0 games and a hint of expansion into a full-fledged metaverse have drawn even more users to the project.

DigiDaigaku Idea

When creating DigiDaigaku, Gabriel Leydon had the same idea in mind as he had when working on other projects, that is, free access. Therefore, the minting of all series of this project was free. However, this did not prevent them from being traded on secondary markets with a very high floor price.

The project combines elements of randomness, because they were launched using the FreeMint platform which has been very popular in the NFT market lately. And access to the whitelist is distributed randomly among registered users.

Also, the idea of the whole project is the use of each NFT in quests to create main collections, using the character in games and more. This attracts more and more users to the project.

DigiDaigaku Roadmap

The project has no roadmap. All future events appear in announcements on the official website and social media of the project.

DigiDaigaku Ecosystem

The project has a pretty extensive ecosystem. Although the DigiDaigaku Genesis is the first, there are still major projects:

  • Heroes,
  • Super Villains,
  • Villains,
  • Dragon Eggs,
  • Baby Dragon.

There are also collections for crafting:

  • Spirits,
  • Dark Spirits,
  • Dark Hero Spirits,
  • Villain Potions,
  • Super Villain Potions,
  • Masked Villains,
  • Dragon Essence.

And the last are the collections of keys for adventures:

  • Castaways Adventure Key,
  • Ether Orcs Adventure Key.

The following is released as well:

  • Two games with different gameplay (Ether Orcs and Castaways);
  • Four quests for NFT crafting.


Heroes is also a core collection. Its NFTs could be crafted with Digi Genesis and Spirit, or by burning Spirit. In addition, each Hero inherits one of the following traits:

  • The Supreme Royal Bloodline,
  • The fearless Warrior Bloodline,
  • The elusive Rogue Bloodline.
DigiDaigaku nft Heroes

Tokens can also be used in games. The volume of sales on the secondary markets exceeded 4.5k ETH. Floor price is 0.72 ETH. There are currently 1,909 NFTs.

Super Villains

Super Villains is the third main collection, and it consists of 3,105 NFTs. According to legend, Super Villains have a variety of abilities. The trading volume on the secondary markets exceeded 310 ETH, and the floor price is 0.19 ETH.

DigiDaigaku nft Super Villains
Super Villains


Villains is another main collection, the fourth one, which consists of 1,524 NFTs and has a secondary trading volume of over 58 ETH and the floor price of 0.03 ETH. According to the legend, the characters have deadly weapons and amazing abilities.

DigiDaigaku nft Villains

Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs is a collection of over 10,000 NFTs. It contains eggs that give strength and are necessary to create a dragon from the Baby Dragon. It has a secondary trading volume of over 1.9k ETH and the floor price of 0.055 ETH.

DigiDaigaku nft Dragon Eggs
Dragon Eggs

Baby Dragon

The latest main collection for now. It consists of over 2,980 NFTs. According to the legend, these are tiny creatures, but they are quite powerful because they can throw fire out of their mouths. On the secondary markets, the volume reaches only 4 ETH, and the floor price is 0.085 ETH.

DigiDaigaku nft Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon


The Spirits collection is craftable. Spirit can be burned to obtain an NFT from the Heroes, or combined with a Genesis NFT and also obtain one Hero. The trading volume on the secondary markets exceeds 1,750 ETH, and the floor price is 1.79 ETH.

DigiDaigaku nft Spirits

Dark Spirits

Dark Spirits are said to be an integral part of Villains and Super Villains. The trading volume reaches 992 ETH, and the floor price is 0.0875 ETH. There are just over 600 NFTs.

DigiDaigaku nft Dark Spirits
Dark Spirits

Dark Hero Spirits

Dark Hero Spirits is a collection of over 300 NFTs. According to the legend, they are necessary for Heroes. NFTs can be used to create a Villain Potion. The trading volume on the secondary markets exceeds 987 ETH, and the floor price is 0.2 ETH.

DigiDaigaku nft Dark Hero Spirits
Dark Hero Spirits

Villain Potions

Legend has it that Villain Potions are 91 villain potions that can be created with Dark Spirit or Dark Hero Spirit. The trading volume is only 27 ETH, and the floor price is 0.125 ETH.

DigiDaigaku nft Villain Potions
Villain Potions

Super Villain Potions

Super Villain Potion are created with Dark Spirit and Dark Hero Spirit. These NFTs offer enhancements to certain heroes in the metaverse. The trading volume is 1,280 ETH and the floor price is more than 0.07 ETH. There are currently 191 NFTs.

DigiDaigaku nft Super Villain Potions
Super Villain Potions

Masked Villains

Masked Villains serve as additional characters. They can be upgraded with potions from the Villain Potions and Super Villain Potions. The trading volume is over 1.6k ETH and the floor price is over 0.03 ETH. In total there are more than 3,950 NFTs.

DigiDaigaku nft Masked Villains
Masked Villains

Dragon Essence

Dragon Essence is said to be a mysterious substance that flows in the blood of dragons. It can be used to unlock the full potential of NFTs from the Baby Dragons. The trading volume of Dragon Essence is more than 100 ETH on the secondary markets, and the floor price is 0.137 ETH.

DigiDaigaku nft Dragon Essence
Dragon Essence

Castaways Adventure Key

Castaways Adventure Key gives you access to Castaways. According to the legend, this is the location after a shipwreck. You can fish there, build buildings, and more. The trading volume on secondary markets is 795 ETH, and the floor price is over 0.03 ETH. In total there are more than 2,000 NFTs.

DigiDaigaku nft Castaways Adventure Key
Castaways Adventure Key

Ether Orcs Adventure Key

Ether Orcs Adventure Key provides access to the world of Ethre Orcs, in which the hero must fight, loot, and more. The trading volume on secondary markets is only 17 ETH, and the floor price is 0.015 ETH. In total there are more than 2,000 NFTs.

DigiDaigaku nft Ether Orcs Adventure Key
Ether Orcs Adventure Key

Ether Orcs и Castaways

Ether Orcs and Castaways are two locations:

  1. In Ether Orcs, the character needs to fight, loot and create weapons.
  2. Castaways is a location with the opposite mode. You can fish, build buildings, and more. It’s a kind of a creative location, where the character, according to the legend, rests from numerous battles and makes his living.


A total of four quests are currently available. They are designed to create NFTs of mostly basic collections like making Baby Dragon from Eggs Dragon, creating potions and heroes, as well as unlocking some heroes.

How much do DigiDaigaku NFTs cost?

On August 9, 2022, the DigiDaigaku Genesis was released, and the minting was free. That same month, the collection began to be traded on secondary markets, where there was great demad for it. And how are things now?

To visualize the price dynamics, we made a slice of the average price for 1 NFT:

  • In December 2022: 7.5 ETH;
  • In February 2023: 8.5 ETH;

At the moment, April 3, 2023, the floor price is 5.17 ETH. On average, the latest sales range from 6 to 15 ETH. And the total volume of secondary sales amounted to more than 25.8k ETH (more than $46 million).

The Most Expensive DigiDaigaku Sales

The most expensive sales are led by the following NFTs from the DigiDaigaku collection:

  1. #1632 – Ifrit was sold on October 19, 2022 for 200 ETH (about $257k at the time of sale);
  2. #379 – Leviathan was sold on August 25, 2022 for 59 ETH (about $100k at the time of sale);
  3. #1091 – Kanae was sold on September 6, 2022 for 49 ETH (about $76k at the time of sale);
  4. #729 – Yoriko was sold on August 29, 2022 for 29 ETH (about $37k at the time of sale).
Most Expensive Sales NFT DigiDaigaku
The Most Expensive Sales of DigiDaigaku

Where to buy DigiDaigaku?

DigiDaigaku is currently only available on the secondary market, on marketplaces such as OpenSea, X2Y2 and LooksRare.

How to buy DigiDaigaku?

  1. Remember that initially you need to connect your crypto wallet with self-storage to the marketplace of your choice.
  2. Next, find the official collection using the search bar on the marketplace.
  3. Analyze and choose the NFT you want to buy; click on it and then on the “Buy” button.
  4. Or you can bet on the token you like. Make sure you leave enough ETH for gas or transaction fees. If the seller approves your bid, the deal goes through.

Should you invest in DigiDaigaku?

There are several points that make the DigiDaigaku collection worth investing in:

  • The stable floor price which never fell below 4.5 ETH;
  • The opportunity to receive NFTs from additional collections by airdrop in the future;
  • Huge community on Twitter and Discord;
  • The project is the benchmark for free mints in the NFT market;
  • Influential creator of the collection, who has extensive experience in the development of free games;
  • The opportunity to get to the whitelist for the owners of the Genesis collection, and that allows participation in future sales of the collections.

In any case, do your own in-depth analysis and research when investing in NFTs, and then make your own decision.

Opinion of NFTmetria

DigiDaigaku Genesis is the first collection from the peculiar DigiDaigaku metaverse, which has many main and secondary colletions. It has a varied mode of crafting heroes and items to enhance their characteristics, and it all was designed in a short period of time. Undoubtedly, DigiDaigaku will continue to evolve, and the juiciest fruits will be reaped by the owners of the main and first collection, that is, DigiDaigaku Genesis.

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