Starbucks Korea Initiates NFT Rewards Program in Bold Eco-Move

Starbucks Korea Initiates NFT Rewards Program in Bold Eco-Move

In a pioneering initiative to blend blockchain technology with eco-conscious practices, Starbucks Korea is gearing up to launch its NFT rewards program on the Polygon blockchain come January 2024. This strategic move follows the successful rollout of their Polygon-based loyalty program in December 2022, showcasing the coffee giant’s commitment to sustainability.

Under this novel program, customers stand to earn “eco-stamps” for every eligible drink purchase, accumulating these stamps to unlock exclusive NFTs. Developed in collaboration with South Korean art platform Print Bakery and acclaimed NFT artist DADAZ, these limited-edition Starbucks NFTs aim to incentivize the use of reusable cups.

As part of this initiative, Starbucks Korea is set to host an in-store exhibition at its Starbucks Reserve location in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The exhibit will not only showcase the unique NFTs but also underscore the company’s strides in sustainability.

Starbucks Korea has already been encouraging reusable practices by offering complimentary beverage vouchers to customers opting for reusable cups. As a parallel move, these vouchers will be rebranded as ‘Eco Tumbler Beverage Coupons’ alongside the introduction of NFT rewards, forming a holistic approach to their green campaign.

NFT program by Starbucks Korea: Upgraded Loyalty Rewards and Environmental Advocacy

Starbucks Korea’s journey into NFTs comes on the heels of its upgraded loyalty rewards program launched on the Polygon blockchain in December 2022. Now, with the introduction of NFTs, the company aims to promote eco-friendly practices on a broader scale.

The issuance of “Eco Tumbler Beverage Coupons” as NFT rewards signals a significant shift in Starbucks Korea’s approach to sustainable business practices. By tweaking its coupon policy to amplify the rewards for using personal cups, Starbucks Korea envisions fostering a green culture among its customers.

We hope that the changed tumbler coupon use policy and the issuance of NFTs with scarcity will serve as a catalyst for positive changes in the local community by activating the use of personal cups. ¬†Kim Beom Soo, Starbucks Korea’s marketing chief, expressed optimism about the impact of these changes

Come January 2024, Starbucks Korea anticipates a surge in the use of personal cups, driven not just by the allure of rare NFT rewards but also by a shared commitment to environmental responsibility. This move places Starbucks Korea at the forefront of innovative sustainability practices within the global coffee industry.

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