Parallel Raises $35 Million to Propel NFT Gaming Innovation

Parallel Raises $35 Million to Propel NFT Gaming Innovation

Parallel, the pioneering sci-fi NFT card game, has secured $35 million in funding from a diverse group of investors, as announced in a recent post on March 28. This latest round of financing marks a significant milestone for the game, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain and the Base layer-2 chain.

The funding round received backing from prominent entities such as Distributed Global, The Operating Group, VanEck, Solana Ventures, Base Ecosystem Fund, and Amber, among others. While the exact valuation post-funding remains undisclosed, Parallel’s developers have outlined ambitious plans to utilize the funds for expanding the game’s universe across various mediums and platforms.

Parallel NFT Game: Gameplay Experience and Innovations

Since its launch in 2021, Parallel has been available in open beta, offering players an immersive experience of collecting, trading, and engaging with unique in-game assets represented as NFTs. The game’s captivating narrative revolves around humanity’s quest for survival amidst a global energy crisis, set against the backdrop of interstellar exploration and societal evolution.

Parallel NFT Game: Roadmap for Expansion

Following the successful launch of the open beta, Parallel is gearing up for the next phase of growth with the introduction of Open Beta Season 2: Void-forged Oath, commencing on April 1. This new season promises exciting updates, including a battle pass featuring exclusive rewards and cosmetics, along with gameplay refinements and bug fixes.

Parallel NFT Game: Looking Ahead

As Parallel continues to push the boundaries of innovation in NFT gaming, the recent funding round underscores the industry’s growing recognition of the game’s potential. With a commitment to expanding its universe and enhancing the player experience, Parallel is poised to redefine the landscape of NFT gaming in the months to come. Stay tuned for further developments as Parallel charts its course towards new horizons in the world of blockchain gaming.

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