Wilder World Web3 Game Enters Epic Games Store During Alpha Testing

Wilder World Web3 Game Enters Epic Games Store During Alpha Testing

In a groundbreaking move, Wilder World, a cutting-edge Web3 game, has secured a coveted listing on the Epic Games Store as it undergoes alpha testing, marking a significant step towards its official launch.

Wilder World Web3 Game: Game-Changing Experience in the Metaverse

Wilder World promises an unparalleled gaming experience by seamlessly blending various genres into a single, immersive universe. Developed by a team deeply entrenched in the Unreal Engine ecosystem, the game invites players to explore Wiami, a virtual city where ancient wisdom converges with futuristic innovation.

At its core, Wilder World offers a free-roam virtual world brimming with endless opportunities, from exhilarating races to social interactions and exploration. All in-game assets, including items, equipment, land, and avatars, are tradable digital assets on the Wilder World marketplace, empowering players to extract real value from their virtual endeavors.

We’re honored to be listed on the Epic Games store, setting the pace for next-gen gaming in the metaverse. Frank Wilder, Co-founder of Wilder World, expressed excitement about the listing

Wilder World leverages cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology to deliver an unmatched gaming experience. With partnerships with industry giants like Nvidia’s GeForce Now and SuperVerse, Wilder World aims to reach a wider audience across both Web2 and Web3 gaming communities.

Wilder World in the Epic Games Store: Looking Ahead

With its listing on the Epic Games Store, Wilder World aims to captivate a broader audience of PC gamers worldwide. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, Wilder World remains at the forefront, driving innovation and redefining the possibilities of the metaverse.

Stay tuned for more updates as Wilder World continues its journey to revolutionize the gaming industry and inspire players worldwide.

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