Mastercard’s Web3 Trivia Game Offers UEFA Champions League Final Tickets

Mastercard’s Web3 Trivia Game Offers UEFA Champions League Final Tickets

Are you a soccer aficionado with a penchant for trivia? If so, Mastercard‘s latest venture into the web3 space might be your ticket to the UEFA Champions League Final at London’s Wembley Stadium. The financial giant has launched an engaging trivia challenge on its web3-enabled platform, Pass to Priceless. This platform allows users to collect free NFTs, opening doors to exclusive experiences in sports, fine dining, and more.

Running from Feb. 13 to June, each UEFA Champions League Tuesday match will usher in a new round of real-time trivia. Winners of each round receive match tickets, climbing the contest leaderboard. Following the April 30 semi-final, the top-ranking participant will secure the grand prize—tickets to the final showdown.

Mastercard sees this trivia competition as a natural extension of its 30-year partnership with UEFA. Beatrice Cornacchia, Mastercard’s EVP of marketing and communications for Europe, emphasizes the company’s commitment to engaging football fans through the Pass to Priceless Web3 platform.

To participate, individuals need a Mastercard NFT, which can be obtained for free at Powered by MoonPay and designed by web3 agency Otherlife, this NFT unlocks the trivia challenge and associated prizes. Participants can gain an edge by referring friends, earning “free kicks” to skip challenging questions. Additionally, referrals can earn participants a special “Share the Love of Football” NFT.

The Pass to Priceless platform, a collaboration between Mastercard and MoonPay, features IndexedDB, a secure authentication technology replacing traditional cookies. This innovation becomes crucial as Google plans to phase out third-party cookies in 2024.

Mastercard and UEFA’s NFT Trivia Game Scores Big

In a joint effort with MoonPay, Mastercard has launched an NFT trivia game for the UEFA Champions League, inviting football enthusiasts to compete for exclusive prizes. Through Mastercard’s blockchain-driven rewards platform, ‘Priceless,’ participants can win two tickets to the UEFA Champions League finale.

To partake in the trivia game, fans need to acquire a free ‘Mastercard x UEFA Champions League Pass’ NFT. Using Polygon’s blockchain technology, these NFT tickets offer exclusive access through Fans can set up a MoonPay digital wallet with a streamlined process facilitated by Mastercard and MoonPay, requiring only an email for access.

Mastercard’s foray into blockchain technology continues to showcase its expertise, following ventures like the Web3 music accelerator and partnerships with crypto leaders like Coinbase and bitsCrunch. ‘Priceless’ distinguishes itself by providing football fans with a unique opportunity to transform their passions into victories through NFT-based rewards.

Mastercard Unveils UEFA Champions League NFT Trivia Game

In collaboration with UEFA and MoonPay, Mastercard introduces an innovative NFT trivia game tailored for UEFA Champions League enthusiasts. This digital venture offers football fans a chance to engage in a unique trivia experience, with the opportunity to win exclusive rewards, including two coveted tickets to the UEFA Champions League final.

Operating on Polygon‘s blockchain platform, the trivia game ensures a seamless and secure experience for users. By obtaining a free ‘Mastercard x UEFA Champions League Pass’ NFT, fans can enter the game, exploring the world of digital collectibles while showcasing their football knowledge.

Beatrice Cornacchia, Executive VP of Marketing and Communications, Europe, emphasizes Mastercard’s 30-year partnership with UEFA and its excitement about leveraging the Pass to Priceless Web3 platform. The initiative aims to connect the football community beyond the field, celebrating the UEFA Champions League in a new and engaging way.

Mastercard’s ‘Priceless’ rewards platform provides football fans with a unique opportunity to earn tangible rewards through exciting trivia challenges. This initiative represents a bridge between traditional sports fandom and the emerging world of NFTs, offering unparalleled access to one of football’s most prestigious events. Football enthusiasts now have a chance to turn their passion into rewarding experiences.

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