Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo Soar into Cultural NFTs with KOKYO Project

Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo Soar into Cultural NFTs with KOKYO Project

Japan Airlines (JAL) is venturing into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in collaboration with marketing firm Hakuhodo, unveiling the exciting Kokyo NFT project. This innovative initiative aims to transform unique local experiences into digital collectibles, enhancing cultural connections through blockchain technology.

In a recent announcement on February 5, Japan Airlines disclosed its ongoing collaboration with Hakuhodo, embarking on the second phase of experiments within the Kokyo NFT project. The primary focus remains on tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs) and local experiences, fostering a “value creation story” to captivate both domestic and inbound visitors.

Unlocking Cultural Adventures Through KOKYO NFTs

The Kokyo NFT project stands out for its goal of helping NFT holders establish deeper connections with local communities. For instance, participants can immerse themselves in samurai culture by becoming part of a 400-year-old samurai family, enjoying exclusive annual events and a two-day stay at a traditional samurai mansion.

Moreover, the NFT collection titled “Fireworks Cruise” allows holders to craft their own fireworks during a guided workshop and then experience them on a special fireworks sightseeing cruise. From premium sake brewery tours to personalized Japanese knife crafting experiences, each NFT unlocks a unique adventure, seamlessly blending tradition with the digital realm.

KOKYO NFTs: Connecting Globally, Priced at $206

Japan Airlines, in partnership with Hakuhodo, is set to connect over 1 million Web3 wallet users to its existing community of 20 million users. Each NFT, offering exclusive access to these captivating local experiences, is priced at $206, except for the “Premium Sake NFT” with a $455 price tag.

The Kokyo NFT launch comes with an interactive advertising campaign featuring origami-themed digital assets. Participants engaging in interactive missions can evolve their NFTs and earn early purchase rights for this exceptional collection.

As JAL takes the lead in service planning, Hakuhodo manages the project’s production with support from various partners contributing to different facets of the initiative. This move by Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo exemplifies the potential of blockchain technology to connect communities, preserve cultural heritage, and mark Japan’s stride into a more blockchain-friendly future.

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