LaLiga and GameOn team up to create NFT soccer in the US and Canada

LaLiga and GameOn team up to create NFT soccer in the US and Canada

In a groundbreaking move poised to redefine the soccer fan experience, GameOn has entered into a transformative alliance with LaLiga North America. This strategic collaboration is laser-focused on curating NFT-backed fantasy soccer games that cater explicitly to the fervent soccer communities in the United States and Canada.

Bridging the Divide: Real and Virtual Soccer Through NFTs

At the epicenter of this groundbreaking partnership lies the inception of fantasy soccer games fueled by NFTs. Devotees of the beautiful game can now acquire exclusive LaLiga player packs in the form of NFTs, transmuting these digital assets into coveted instruments in the virtual realm. With these prized NFTs in their digital coffers, fans can assemble their dream soccer lineups.

What makes this collaboration truly electrifying is how real-world soccer events directly impact the virtual realm. Players within these lineups accumulate points in real-time based on their on-field performances. This innovative approach promises to obliterate the boundaries separating the digital and physical dimensions of soccer, guaranteeing fans an immersive experience of unparalleled magnitude.

LaLiga’s Global Dominance

LaLiga commands a colossal global presence, boasting a vast community exceeding a staggering 200 million ardent supporters. This sprawling fanbase communicates seamlessly across 17 diverse platforms, conversing fluently in 20 distinct languages. The sheer magnitude of LaLiga’s reach is vividly illustrated through its astronomical global viewership, surging past the 2 billion mark, and its extensive partnerships with 90 media giants spanning the globe.

Within the United States, LaLiga’s exclusive broadcasting rights rest securely with ESPN, ensuring that over 25 million ESPN+ subscribers relish game broadcasts in both English and Spanish.

Next-Gen Fantasy Soccer

GameOn is on the brink of ushering in a new era of fantasy soccer games meticulously mirroring real LaLiga matches and its illustrious roster of players. This ambitious undertaking pledges to immerse fans into an entirely novel soccer cosmos. Players will have the opportunity to amass a captivating array of playable avatars, tailor their gear to their heart’s content, and partake in diverse gaming modes, encompassing Live Fantasy, PvP Battles, and Quests. This dynamic initiative not only promises entertainment aplenty but also tantalizing prospects to secure exclusive rewards, including cash prizes, VIP tickets, and coveted face-to-face encounters with soccer luminaries.

LaLiga envisions an extensive promotional blitz for these games, spanning in-stadium extravaganzas, pulsating watch parties, dynamic social media campaigns, user-friendly mobile apps, and engaging email outreach. Aspiring gamers residing in the United States and Canada can eagerly anticipate the impending launch of this pioneering product, poised to reshape their soccer-loving world.

A Shared Vision: GameOn and LaLiga

In a fervent declaration of excitement, GameOn CEO Matt Bailey underlined the company’s zeal for ushering in next-generation fantasy games, poised to captivate LaLiga’s extensive fanbase. In tandem, LaLiga North America CEO Boris Gartner accentuated the venture’s potential to offer unparalleled opportunities for interaction with some of the globe’s most adored clubs and soccer icons.


The sports industry is rapidly embracing the innovative potential of NFTs to forge deeper connections between fans and the sporting universe. The partnership between LaLiga North America and GameOn is an emblematic testament to this transformative shift, effortlessly amalgamating live soccer action with the dynamic realm of virtual gaming.

This strategic move bears striking resemblance to the triumphs witnessed by platforms like Sorare and NBA Top Shots, where fans have reveled in immersive, next-level fantasy gaming experiences and profound connections with their cherished sports idols. As LaLiga and GameOn venture forth into this exhilarating domain with their NFT-infused fantasy soccer games, they’re not only offering fans an elevated, enriched experience but also pioneering a remarkable trend in the world of sports fan engagement. Brace yourselves for a thrilling kickoff into the future of soccer fandom.

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