Empire State Building Partners with Uptop for NFT Rewards

Empire State Building Partners with Uptop for NFT Rewards

In a groundbreaking move, the iconic Empire State Building @EmpireStateBldg has joined forces with Uptop @uptop_xyz, a Web3 loyalty and reward platform, to introduce NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Avalanche blockchain network. The partnership, announced on February 13, aims to redefine the visitor experience by combining modern technology with the historical significance of the Empire State Building.

Revolutionizing Visitor Experience of the Empire State Building with NFTs

ESRT, the managing company behind the Empire State Building, and Uptop are set to transform the iconic landmark’s visitor experience, catering to its estimated four million annual visitors. NFTs will be introduced as digital collectibles featuring the iconic New Yorker emblem, offering visitors a unique and memorable memento of their visit.

Uptop NFT’s Role as a Loyalty and Rewards Program

Uptop’s NFTs serve as more than just collectibles; they function as a loyalty and rewards program designed to deepen the connection between visitors and the landmark. These digital tokens come with exclusive benefits, including free access to the open-air observatory, invitations to special events, and the chance to participate in the building’s famous Run-up event. Frequent visitors can even upgrade their membership based on loyalty and engagement.

In addition to the NFTs, Uptop has introduced an Ambassador Program, providing a new channel of communication between the Empire State Building and its visitors. This online platform encourages loyalty through contests and interactive experiences, allowing visitors to earn points by completing tasks and challenges. These points can be redeemed for exclusive rewards and privileges, creating a modern and engaging connection between the historic site and its visitors.

The Future of Visitor Experience of the Empire State Building

The introduction of NFTs and the Ambassador Program at the Empire State Building signifies a shift in how tourists and locals interact with landmarks. Uptop’s innovative approach not only rewards loyalty and engagement but also sets the stage for increased tourism and revenue for both the building and the city.


The partnership between Uptop and ESRT at the Empire State Building marks a significant milestone in transforming the visitor experience at historic landmarks. Through the integration of blockchain technology, visitors can now enjoy unique digital collectibles and exclusive benefits, reinforcing the building’s status as a modern destination. With the increasing popularity of blockchain and NFTs, similar strategies are likely to be adopted by more landmarks in the future, ushering in a new era of visitor engagement and satisfaction.

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