Animoca Brands Takes the Helm as TON Blockchain’s Largest Validator, Paving the Way for Web3 Gaming

Animoca Brands Takes the Helm as TON Blockchain’s Largest Validator, Paving the Way for Web3 Gaming

In a groundbreaking move, Animoca Brands, a prominent Web3 leader, has assumed the role of the largest validator for The Open Network (TON) Blockchain, marking a pivotal moment in the intersection of blockchain and gaming.

Empowering TON’s Ecosystem

Announced on November 28, 2023, Animoca Brands, recognized for championing digital property rights in the gaming and open metaverse realms, has strategically aligned itself as the primary validator for TON Blockchain. This move comes as part of Animoca Brands’ commitment to supporting third-party gaming and GameFi projects within the expansive TON ecosystem.

The collaboration, orchestrated with the assistance of Manuel Stotz from Kingsway Capital, involves not only validation but also extends to funding, research, and the provision of an analytics platform for third-party TON ecosystem mini-apps.

Animoca Brands and TON: In-Depth Research and Commitment

Before stepping into this significant role, Animoca Brands conducted extensive research, resulting in two comprehensive papers exploring the potential of TON Blockchain in accelerating the mainstream adoption of crypto. The user-friendliness of TON-based decentralized applications (dApps) and the blockchain’s scalability emerged as critical factors for community growth and realizing TON Foundation’s vision of integrating crypto into daily life.

For those curious about the metrics behind TON’s growth, Animoca Brands has developed an analytics dashboard, offering a visual representation of key statistics.

Animoca Brands and TON: Seamless Transition from Web2 to Web3

The ongoing partnership between TON and Animoca Brands aims to smoothly transition existing Web2 users into the realm of Web3 through intuitive and engaging mini-apps. Emphasizing the importance of this transition, both entities highlight their commitment to making the shift from traditional web experiences to decentralized Web3 applications seamless.

TON Play: Powering TON-Based Gaming Infrastructure

TON Play, a significant TON-based gaming infrastructure project, stands out as one of the key focuses of Animoca Brands’ support. This platform provides the necessary infrastructure and solutions for gaming projects built on TON to launch directly on Telegram. It facilitates developers in porting existing web games seamlessly into Telegram via a web app. The TON Play Toolkit ensures that the development of blockchain-based games remains accessible to developers of all skill levels.

Animoca Brands and TON: Strategic Investment for the Future

This strategic investment in TON is a key part of our broader commitment to help onboard the next million Web3 users by facilitating a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3. Commented Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands

The company’s substantial portfolio of over 400 Web3 projects is set to benefit from this collaboration, creating new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Animoca Brands’ investment in The Open Network is a pivotal step towards the next era of blockchain-based gaming. TON Foundation’s Director of Growth, Justin Hyun, pointed out

This collaboration is poised to propel Web3 gaming seamlessly into the daily experiences of Telegram users worldwide, offering a glimpse into the future where blockchain and gaming converge for a global audience to enjoy.

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