Drop The Bridged by Kiraverse: Play cool shooter game from Param Labs

Drop The Bridged by Kiraverse: Play cool shooter game from Param Labs

You’ve already heard or maybe even played Kiraverse, the third-person multiplayer shooter that was created by Param Labs? This game development studio has already partnered with Immutable-X, the leading game retailer GameStop, as well as the world famous esports organization LoudGG. Now you have the opportunity to become a member of the global gaming world through The Bridged by Kiraverse NFT drop.

What is The Bridged by Kiraverse NFT Collection?

The Bridged by Kiraverse is an NFT collection (on the Ethereum blockchain) of an open edition, each character of which is an avatar in the Kiraverse game. According to legend, the group The Bridged consists of 8 mysterious creatures the Camarillas and the Sentients, who stood up to fight against chaos and enemies. And all this for the sake of Kira…

Pay attention to the excellent graphics and 3D rendering of details. This is entirely the merit of Antoni & Marc Tudisco artists who have experience with Nike, Adidas, Versace, Puma, Apple, Samsung, Google, Adobe, BMW, Ledger, Mercedes Benz and more! And their unique style has been featured in Vogue, HighSnobiety and Hypebeast.

The collection consists of 8 avatars. The “Bridged Camarillas” are available for minting for a limited time. And each coinage will reveal one of the five Camarilla characters. The remaining avatars (Bridged Sentients) can only be obtained by every Camarilla owner through the Burn and Redeem event.

Each NFT provides the owner with the following benefits:

  • Premium access to the game universe,
  • Free in-game skins,
  • NFT airdrops,
  • Earnings in the form of characters and weapons,
  • Various awards for Kira.

What is KiraVerse?

Kiraverse is Param Labs’ first free-to-play game that allows users to compete and earn digital NFT assets in competitive game modes. This product is a large-scale and promising development. And you can see for yourself, because just recently the largest release of Kiraverse Beta v2 was released, which provided the audience with an even wider range of functions and game modes.

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When and where will The Bridged by Kiraverse NFT drop be?

NFT drop The Bridged by Kiraverse takes place on OpenSea in 1 stage on Open Edition:

  1. Starts: July 25 at 11:00 PM GMT+7. Price: 0.003 ETH. Limit: 11 per wallet,
  2. Ends: August 2 at 11:00 PM GMT+7.
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