Mercedes-Benz to release exclusive NFT collection

Mercedes-Benz to release exclusive NFT collection

Mercedes-Benz announced on their blog on the creation of an exclusive NFT collection “Super Human”, which the German concern will develop together with the British digital artist MBSJQ.

The collection will consist of 3 NFTs:

  1. NFT «Evolution»Evolution

Mercedes-Benz dedicated the token to their F1 driver George Russell. The token comes with an exclusive racing helmet.

  1. NFT «Home Coming»

Home ComingMercedes-Benz dedicated the token to the seven-time world champion, Formula 1 Mercedes team driver Lewis Hamilton. Token is sold together with the physical model of the Mercedes-AMG F1 E Performance car Formula 1 TM Lewis in 1:8 scale.

  1. NFT «Mothership»

nft MothershipToken is dedicated to the Mercedes-AMG team Petronas Formula that achieves all goals and is one. The Mothership includes a Mercedes – AMG F1 E Performance car model Formula 1TM in 1:8 scale.

The collection is listed on the FTX exchange. She is the official sponsor of Mercedes-Benz in Formula 1. Bets are currently accepted on the platform. Auction ends on July 13th for NFT «Home Coming» and «Evolution», and on July 14 for the «Mothership» NFT.


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