Hasbro and WOW are launching an NFT version of Monopoly

Hasbro and WOW are launching an NFT version of Monopoly

Hasbro, an American toy and board game company, teams up with renowned NFT project World of Women (WoW). So, as part of the collaboration, the two brands plan to create a one-of-a-kind NFT game based on the iconic board game Monopoly.

hat is the uniqueness of the NFT game?

The game called “World of Women Galaxy Monopoly”. It will become available to owners of WoW and WoW NFT collections Galaxy NFT.

The game and NFT tokens will combine the perfect mix of board game illustrations and characters from the World collection of Women. Also according to the representatives of the project, NFT owners will be able to exchange for a physical copy of the Monopoly game.

WS Game Company will manufacture and distribute physical game sets. Incidentally, this company is the only high-end toy manufacturer licensed by Hasbro.

For Monopoly, entering the Web3 space is a debut. Here’s what co-owner and vice president of product development at Hasbro, Kerry Addis, has to say about it:

Popular NFT collection WOW
Popular NFT collection WOW. It is a brand and a leading project in the women’s NFT sector.

“Partnering with a female-led company to market a product in an industry that has historically been male-dominated is a great opportunity to ensure equality. This partnership not only heralds the rise of NFTs in consumer products. But also opens up endless new digital opportunities for the board game industry.”

When will the NFT Monopoly start?

The launch date of the NFT project “World of Women Galaxy Monopoly” remains unknown. Representatives of the World of Women also added that the illustrations presented in the teaser announcement are not the end result of the collaboration.


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