Forbes Unveils Exclusive ‘Legacy Pass’ for Web3 Community

Forbes Unveils Exclusive ‘Legacy Pass’ for Web3 Community

Forbes, the renowned global media giant, has made a significant move into the expanding Web3 space by introducing the Legacy Pass, a highly exclusive membership club limited to only 1,917 soulbound passes. This initiative aims to cultivate a platform where entrepreneurs, creators, and visionaries within the Web3 community can come together, collaborate, and influence the future landscape.

The Legacy Pass by Forbes: Symbol of Connection and Innovation

The Legacy Pass, minted on the Ethereum blockchain, is not just a digital asset but a symbol of Forbes’ foray into fostering a community focused on innovation and progress. These passes are soulbound, signifying a deep, non-transferable connection to the Forbes brand, emphasizing the company’s commitment to building enduring relationships with leaders in the Web3 domain.

Forbes encourages interested individuals to join the waitlist for the Legacy Pass, offering them early access to passes and providing regular updates and exclusive insights into Forbes’ strategic vision for this venture. The benefits available to Legacy Pass holders will be revealed later this month, promising exclusive opportunities and experiences tailored to members’ needs.

The Legacy Pass by Forbes: The Inner Circle

A central component of the Legacy Pass is access to the Inner Circle, a private community reserved for pass holders. This exclusive network aims to connect thought leaders and pioneers in the Web3 space, fostering collaboration and discussions among those dedicated to shaping the digital future.

The Legacy Pass by Forbes: Forging Tradition with Digital Innovation

Forbes’ partnership with Magic earlier this year marked its entry into the Web3 realm, introducing initiatives like the Forbes Connect Wallet. The launch of the Legacy Pass signifies Forbes’ commitment to blending its esteemed tradition of excellence in media with the innovative possibilities of the Web3 world. By embracing digital innovation, Forbes aims to lead and influence the future of media and community engagement in the Web3 era, staying true to its mission of empowering leaders and innovators across generations.

And with the introduction of the Legacy Pass, Forbes continues to demonstrate its dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration within the Web3 community. By providing a platform for connection and engagement, Forbes aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the evolving landscape of digital media and community building in the Web3 era.

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