Delabs Unveils Metabolts NFT Sale, Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming Experience

Delabs Unveils Metabolts NFT Sale, Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming Experience

In a groundbreaking move at the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming, Delabs @delabsOfficial, the Web3 division of the renowned South Korean game developer 4:33 Creative Lab, has introduced the first phase of its MetaBolts NFT sale. This event marks a significant step in redefining the gaming experience, merging NFT technology with the world of post-apocalyptic gameplay.

MetaBolts NFTs by Delabs: A Unique Collection

Delabs’ latest addition to its upcoming post-apocalyptic game, MetaBolts NFTs, brings forth a distinctive collection of 7,777 character NFTs known as MetaBolts PFP Characters. The public minting for these NFT characters is scheduled to commence on March 7th, promising players and collectors alike a unique opportunity to own a piece of the gaming universe.

MetaBolts NFTs by Delabs: Exclusive Benefits for Early Supporters

To incentivize early supporters and holders of Delabs’ Adventure Pass, the sale structure offers various perks. Participants can enjoy reduced minting costs, airdrops, and the chance to mint additional NFTs through different Adventure Pass tiers. Adventure Pass holders pay 0.06 ETH, while public sale participants pay 0.1 ETH. The Adventure Pass holders and close partners received priority access through a 24-hour private sale window, ensuring the community’s dedicated members secure their MetaBolts character.

Delabs’ MetaBolts: A New Era of Gaming

The public playtest of Delabs’ MetaBolts, an intriguing dystopian RPG, took place from January 22nd to 26th. This exclusive session aimed to gather player feedback, measure engagement, and refine the gaming experience. Set in 2025, MetaBolts immerses players in a narrative centered on survival post-devastation, exploring themes like the collapse of traditional banking systems and the pursuit of alternative currencies.

Furthermore, the introduction of MetaBolts and its PFP Characters emphasizes Delabs’ commitment to blending storytelling with blockchain technology. Players can anticipate exclusive benefits such as airdrops, staking rewards, and early gameplay advantages, making MetaBolts more than just a game but an investment in a digital ecosystem.

MetaBolts NFTs by Delabs: Diverse Pricing Brackets and Accessibility

The diverse pricing brackets cater to various levels of participant investment in the Delabs community, with mint costs ranging between approximately $30.54 (0.1 ETH) to $183.26 (0.06 ETH) at the time of writing. Delabs aims to make both Web2 and Web3 gaming accessible, and the Metabolts NFT perks aim to incentivize rather than gatekeep, ensuring all players can enjoy the rich MetaBolts experience.

Delabs’ MetaBolts: Collaboration and Future Prospects

Delabs, celebrated for its game Rumble Racing Star, is already making waves in the gaming community. With the stage set for the MetaBolts launch, anticipation continues to build as players eagerly await the chance to explore a new, immersive world and unlock the full potential of their collectibles.

As a subsidiary gaming arm of 4:33 Creative Lab, Delabs stands poised to meld triple-A quality with Web3 innovation, potentially setting new standards in the gaming industry. The MetaBolts NFT sale is just the beginning of a broader adoption that could reshape the future of gaming.

In conclusion, Delabs’ foray into the realm of NFTs and Web3 Gaming with MetaBolts showcases a pioneering approach to gaming, promising an immersive experience that bridges traditional gaming with the emerging Web3 landscape. With a narrative-rich storyline and enticing gameplay, MetaBolts could become a trailblazer, welcoming seasoned gamers and newcomers alike to the Web3 gaming sphere.

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